12 incendiary balloon fires a day on average
Matan Tzuri
Published: 29.09.18, 19:57
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1. Can't be,The Delicte Eisencot has assured "arsonists'll
ab   (09.29.18)
het tired" ...
2. Appeasing evil leads to more evil common sense
3. Jews need to shoot back
DAV ZEE ,   Brookhaven   (09.29.18)
There is no difference between an arab sniper shooting at Jews
and a balloon launcher trying to burn down Jewish homes and schools and property, as well as threir dropping granades, gas bombs on soldiers.

If Israel doesn't shoot these arabrats it deserves their attacks.
4. Evidence for even one balloon?
NYNY   (09.30.18)
5. Balloon attacks
Joe mevorah ,   Lincoln usa   (10.02.18)
After reading this article I can’t help but wonder what the us would do if Mexico or Canada attack our borders. Simple, we would bomb the shit out of them. When Israel responds it’s seen as a warmonger.
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