Delek Drilling, Noble Energy acquire 40% of Egypt-Israel gas pipeline
Lior Gutman
Published: 29.09.18, 23:39
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1. Any deal with Arabs always ends up in disappointment
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.30.18)
2. Israel has always lost on deals with Egypt,it'll lose this
ab   (09.30.18)
time too.
EMC had "sued Egypt" -but didn't receive a dime for Egyptian gas paid and not delivered by Egypt.
This time Eypt'll not pay for delivered gas, believing it to be a dhimmi tribute-and Israel'll meekly accept it.
Also building of an oil refinery in Alexandria for Israeli money ended disastrously-Israel lost upwards of a billion dollar on this "enterprise".
Undersigned was thrown out of a meeting with the Israeli Ambassador,who was explaining "Israel trusts Egypt so much we are building oil refinery there"
I started laughing and was thrown out.
I was right, but idiots never learn,and more Israeli money are going to be lost
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