Bennett berates Lieberman for 'weakness' on Gaza
Moran Azulay
Published: 30.09.18, 10:31
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1. When Benett shall answer directly to Trump THEN he can do as
he pleases....
Dumb politicians thinking they score points with the stupid chunk of electorate and.....they actually do succeed ! :-))
2. Me too - I thought Lieberman would be too harsh -
barbara ,   Haifa   (09.30.18)
in the beginning (as him being a Russian). Really, I thought he'd be as far
right as possible. As I said before in these talk backs, we need a Rambo
to handle Gaza border riots. Calling Rambo - you're needed.
3. Last paragraph is perfect truth bennet fails as education mi
Eden   (09.30.18)

There are 10 dead School kids from the floods in the Negev.
Where is the outcome of the investigation. All We heard was the education system blamed the army.

They were not yet enlisted.

Now he attacks Mr Lieberman.

Get out Mr Bennet
4. Lieberman is AWOL waiting for Hamas to solve problems.
Sam ,   Montreal   (09.30.18)
A full scale war with Hamas is not needed. Aerial bombardment proved sufficient to stop violence but Lieberman then goes to sleep allowing Hamas back in the game. Lieberman is ineffective. He should be thrown out of the cabinet.
5. leiberman and bibi
jeff   (09.30.18)
perhaps lieberman thinks that bibi's commando background grants his views on military responses important. they are not at all. bibi talks big but consistently delivers livni and olmert type responses-weak reluctant and totally reactive. bibi in my judgement does not understand the battlefield, and his fears limit each and all of his responses. so he does only the bare minimum. the idea that hamas can burn Israeli land whenever the hell they want to is shameful.

anyone throwing such incendiaries should be shot. eisencott on this one is wrong as is galant. again generals for the most part make poor national leaders.

Bennett is correct as he was in the Gaza war where bibi was an utter failure, sitting there passively saying stupidly but i raised tunnels in the committee.

stupid because the leader has to take some action, not smile to himself that he put the issue on the agenda

the idf should have thrown him right out of the commando. he is no commando in my opinion.
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