Israeli official's daughter faces threats at Columbia University
Published: 30.09.18, 16:01
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1. Columbia & its neighborhood bastion of Israeli Hate Groups
DerangedHateinNYC ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.30.18)
Not only Columbia but the nearby Riverside Church and Church House
where most Anti Israel BDS mainline Protestant Church groups are headquartered in the middle of all this is the Conservative Rabbinical Seminary
Deranged Anarchist Anti Semitic Hate out of control eventually there will be violence/ I doubt if they will get much help from the Conservative Seminary
or the world largest synagogue Reform Temple Emanuel
2. Free Speech is Prized in the U.S. 2 sides. 2 Voices.
anonymous ,   U.S.A   (09.30.18)
In the U.S. freedom of speech is highly prized and valued.

For the second time, our courts have stood by an individual's right to
boycott Israel, pushing back against the anti BDS laws.

The Palestinians think Israel is acting in terrorist ways against their loved ones, and Israel thinks the same of the Palestinians.

There is tremendous loss on both sides, of life and limb.

Ahed Tamimi received overwhelming worldwide support, and continues to do so. She is considered a hero by many, and cherished. Israel criticizes her receiving a T-shirt.

The narratives are opposite.

Legitimate criticism of Israeli politics and policies is not anti-Semitism.

There is pain and loss on both sides.

And both groups have the right to speak their truth, in the United States.

Sadly ,this has been the case for decades at coleges and universities in Britain, Europe and the United States. On the plus, or positive ,side this helps us to remember who we are : JEWS. "And you shall be a nation which dwells alone and will not be included amongst the nations ."
4. Ofir Dayan, you need to sue SJP and Columbia University
C   (09.30.18)
sjp is not trying to have a conversation with you. they are harassing and
threatening you with bodily harm. columbia university refuses to
protect you and your life.
columbia university provides safety only for muslims and the extreme
left, but not for average ordinary students.
5. all the foreign harassers should be identified and DEPORTED
Rafi ,   US   (09.30.18)
local Congresspeople. ICE and police should take note
6. USA is currently producing highly educated morons, that in
near future shall run the country, since they'll slowly sip into the "stream" of power.
7. whining
David Miltier ,   Kibbutz Gat   (10.01.18)
I wonder if other Columbia U students who have ever been victim to a racist slur goes off whining to the school administration and media. Antisemitism! Call the troops! Pathetic.
8. What College should be
Dan Strumber ,   Newark   (12.27.19)
College is a place were recent high school boys and girls go to get an advanced education. It’s a disgrace that an Ivy League school allows brats to break the law. It refuses to enforce law and order on it’s campus. Student organizations of any kind are coddled by the administration. In reality they’re considered a pain in the neck
by said administration. Professor’s like to stare at books all day, and not have to deal with whining adult children. Student body voices should be heard Off campus!
It’s time for weak-kneed Columbia U to stop treating it’s students as Kindergarten kids and treat them as the 18 year old teenagers they are. Send them home to mommy if they break the law.
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