Zarif: Holocaust doesn't justify taking Palestinian lands
Published: 30.09.18, 20:50
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1. Zarif don't you know your own history?
Boaz   (09.30.18)
Persia under Cyrus the great helped the jews return to their homeland and rebuild Jerusalem. So how do you turn history ( your own Persian history) into palestinian lands?

"According to the Bible, Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, was the monarch under whom the Babylonian captivity ended. In the first year of his reign he was prompted by God to decree that the Temple in Jerusalem should be rebuilt and that such Jews as cared to might return to their land for this purpose."
2. Iran is ruled by a genocidal Shia terror regime
C   (09.30.18)
zarif is part of the genocidal shia terror regime of iran.

the land of israel does not belong to the imperialist arabs.
the land of israel belongs to the jewish people.
the land of israel belonged to the jews long before the
holocaust or before the advent of islam.
iran itself was invade by muslim arabs when it was still
persian. to this day, there are minorities in iran
who want their liberty.
the genocidal shia terror regime of iran collaborated with
the assad regime in the genocide of the syrian people.
their shia proxy, hezbollah, is provided with over a hundred
thousand missiles pointed at israel. iran and its proxies
have threatened the jewish state with annihilation on
a weekly basis. the late rafsanjani had called israel a
one bomb state, a state that could be destroyed with
one nuclear bomb.
3. The only proper& dignified way to "engage" with Iranians is
by means of well-placed/delivered nuclear warheads.
All other form of forums given to these morons from 7th Century is a sign of weak moral stance and total lack of backbone.
Of course the 'World" has a dilemma here: on one hand it knows Muslims are scum (by definition) on the other- said scum just itches to kill Jews, as many as possible and that's sweet music to CBS' ears....
4. I have a nice story about the Iranian government.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.01.18)
My father was a teacher In Iran for decades. His children were visiting Israel when the Shah was deposed. He told us, "Stay there until I tell you it's safe to return. He never made that call. Israel took us in, sent us to ulpan, and got us into university. We became professionals. Ten years after that 'short' visit, we managed to get our parents out of Iran and they joined us.

My father died three years ago and is buried here. Knowing that dad had earned a pension from the Iranian government, my 90 year old mother and I went to Washington, DC to apply for it.

Another Muslim country handles 'Iranian interests' in the USA, and their sickening behavior is another story in itself.

We have all the necessary paperwork to prove my father was an educator, where he worked and for how long. Everything was presented.

Then the Iranian 'diplomat' asked where my father was buried. We told him, in Israel.

He looked at us with a peculiar look of accomplishment and told us these very words: "Your father is buried in a country that we don't recognize, therefore there is no proof of death. Your death certificate is invalid to us. The pension cannot be released."

He told us that we might get a better response if we visited the city where he had worked and go to the local government administration offices.

We told him that Jewish travelers to Iran are often denied exit and that my 90 year old mother would find the trip very difficult.

He told us that he had no trouble traveling 'home' and neither would we if we still had our Iranian passports!

At this point we got up and left, my 90 year old mother shaking and screaming at them for 'stealing my husband's pension.'

Iran is a government of thieves, petty dictators, and sexual perverts. Obama blew his chance for regime change when the people were willing to fight for their freedom. Instead, in the middle of the night, he delivers billions of dollars in cash to the regime. Did Obama work for Iran?

Trump can vaporize the entire Iranian government for all I care. I hope he does.
5. I agree with Zarif with one stipulation ...
leo   (10.01.18)
... His statement would've been true had there been Palestinian Lands.
Joseph Shellim ,   Sydney   (10.01.18)
Israel has never occupied another peoples' land in all her 4,000 year recorded history. Robbing names like 'Palestinian' does not change historical truth.

8. I despise the Iranian regime but Zarif's remarks are correct
Chuck House ,   Tulsa, Oklahoma   (10.01.18)
9. Says the man
Rami ,   Helsinki   (10.01.18)
Whos country is occupying Kurdish lands.
10. Myth
Gene   (10.01.18)
I don't know who created it (perhaps the same people who wrote "Elders of Zion"). Jewish immigration started well before WWII and first big violence happened in 1921 in Jaffa, triggered by the arriving of 100 thousand Jewish refugees from Ukraine escaping massacres over there (another "holocaust"). "Holocaust", Alambra decree, crusaders, expulsions from France and England, massacres of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, pogroms … nothing of these justifies Jewish settlements in the Holy Land. What justifies it is the right of self-determination, historic and religious connections, but, most of all, the right to live safety free from discrimination and prosecution (the right to avoid living under such regime which mr. Zamir represents)
11. The hallucinations of an epileptic pedophile
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (10.01.18)
do not justify the corrupted mob of ayatollahs ruling Iran.
12. There's no such thing as an Islamist jihadist republic.
Brad ,   USA   (10.01.18)
Zaria needs to take his whining and crying about "apartheid" to Saudi Arabia, which is the most apartheid country there ever was. It's no surprise that it is also run by Islamist jihadists.
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