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Ahed Tamimi meets with Tunisian leader
Published: 02.10.18, 21:53
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1. Muslims have a teenage girl as their leader
C   (10.02.18)
muslims have no pride.
2. Operation Wooden Leg would be a good name for Gaza Fence
Alan ,   SA   (10.03.18)
Breakers instead of March of Return
3. Is she Christian that her hair is uncovered?
or is this Muslim Blond haired blue eyed privilege?
4. Funny if she was an Israeli spy from Kibbutz.
NYNY   (10.02.18)
33 is a masonic number of some gravitas and it commemorates an Israeli operation and Khadaffi was said to have a Jewish background. You never know.
5. Ha-ha: the Islamic ghouls are grooming her as shahid to be??
6. Oh what a circus
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.03.18)
This isnt about Palestine self determination...

The flighty Ahed Tamimi has no idea - anyone who has spoken with her knows she can hardly string intelligent sentences together, has little ability, depth and knowledge let alone to advocate about the Palestinian Israeli conflict

Just her so called notoriety being plugged and cultivated big time by her family to somehow gain status and honour internationally and of course count the mounting alleged financial 'gifts' coming from abroad, a short road to wealth but ultimately to usurp power from PA leadership

Few Palestinians if any trust the Tamimis as far as they can be thrown
7. Honestly: it’s not like Arabs can chose between Nobel prize
laureates/sportsmen/ cultural icons or deep thinkers to feel pride in being well....Muslim zombies.
She’s one of the very few “somethings” they can scrap together....
Poor Islamic thugs:-((
8. Didn't know Tunisia had a 'leader" ??!Good for them then....
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