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Police called to Turkish cleric's US compound after shot fired
Published: 03.10.18, 23:56
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1. Islamic scourge must be removed from the West.
2. This is a ruse.
Brad ,   USA   (10.04.18)
Erdogan is giving cover to Gulen. Gulen is running charter schools in the U.S. to indoctrinate students into becoming Islamic. His work in interfaith dialogue is an indoctrination aimed at the church, which only the fake churches fall for. Erdogan is trying to make it look as though Gulen is his enemy, which he is not. There is no dialogue between Christianity and Islam. There is no common word between them. The aclu would bust an o-ring if Christians tried what Gulen is doing, but they're hypocrites. The aclu is not against religion. It is against the Biblical God and that's about all.
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