Netanyahu to Abbas: 'stop strangling Gaza'
Inbar Tvizer, Itay Blumenthal, Associated Press
Published: 04.10.18, 20:29
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1. A German has-been on a pointless visit to Land of Future!
2. sinwar, nasrollah and israeli leaders
hal   (10.05.18)
what should be plain to Israelis, is that sinwar of Gaza and nasrollah of Hezbollah/Lebanon are vastly superior to netanyahu and past leaders olmert livni and peres. it isnot even close.

Nasrollah, though occasionally engaging in over the top rhetoric, is measured, cool and has stamina. sinwar is the real surprise of Hamas. he is intelligent, tough, and creative. he also has a staying power.

contrast them with netanyahu who could not preempt in any circumstance.and who folds under pressure over and over and over again.

He is not alone. too many Israelis still think in pacifist terms-beilin, lior, gabbay,lapid, the haredi leaders and some also in likud.

this trait of submissive and peace at any price of Jewish people over the centuries makes them more vulnerable. so what is the answer.until a genuine peace can be had, all Jews have to able to defend themselves, with guns, martial arts, what ever it takes. and this applies to all Israelis and jews including haredi. rabbis who say otherwise are just perpetuating the weak jew image which invites bullies to target all of us.

Israel has to control its own borders and always have the gun ready. and borders have to be defensible. that is what we mean by never again. forget about the world saving the Jews. that does not exist. and forget about trump as well. he will not save the Jews

there is nothing wrong in Israel becoming a spartan state. Recall some arab made peace with Israel under begin but not under meir and eshkol. they admire a tough Israeli and prey upon a weak Israel.

as terrible as it sounds, Arabs have toughened up Israelis by trying to kill us. Without the constant persistent threat and action of Arabs, Israel would be like Belgium, a weak pathetic state.

voters should vote for Bennett and feiglin to thwart sinwar and nasrollah.

right now you have a grovelling bibi running to others to save poor Israel. he was a near total failure in the Gaza war . it is not necessary to ask him to give a repeat performance. he lacks spine.
3. Keep squeezing Hamas neck!
Avi L.   (10.05.18)
Abbas understands better the situation than Bibi, because he knows that Hamas is in the ropes and is just a few punches away from falling to an internal "falastinian" vendetta.

Let Abbas do his job to topple Sinwar and Hamas. It's going to be a bit ugly and bloody, but it is the middle east way after all and it will keep the khomeynists away from Israel southern border.

From Hama to Gaza passing by Idlib ...

Abbas is the last "falastinian" leader who has the authority and legitimacy to take on Hamas in the name of "falastine".

After him it will be only turf wars among war lords, without any of the "progressist" glamor so much needed by the western bleeding hearts who still miss that pedophile of arafat.
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