Jerusalem to remove UNRWA from city
Associated Press
Published: 04.10.18, 22:48
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1. Arab League members created the problem, the solution is for
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.05.18)
them to take their brothers in.
2. UNRWA certainly has no place in our capital city or...
Nadav Katz ,   Qatzrin   (10.05.18) any other urban or rural location in our country. My question is, why should we permit the UN, in general, to keep offices in Jerusalem, at a compound for which the UN does not even pay real estate taxes? It is time to remove the UN offices from what we call in Hebrew Armon HaNatziv and use the site for better and more useful purposes that will benefit our people, in and out of Jerusalem.
3. kick UNRWA out. now!
4. Like Anthrax: any trace of UN should be removed from Israel!
5. UNWRA removal from Jerusalem
tiki ,   belgium   (10.05.18)
Question remains why it took so long?

6. Good first step. Now kick them ALL out!
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.05.18)
There is no excuse to let the hostile U.N. operate anywhere in Israel. End all insane Israeli support for our mortal "Palestinian" foes. Except support enabling them to leave our sole tiny Homeland forever.
7. true that they were joranians and egyptians not long ago
jore ,   la   (10.06.18)
their heritage is that they now lived on jewish stolen land. hardly a noted distinction to he honored by the un
8. Hypocrisy
Benny ,   Jerusalem   (10.08.18)
It is clear that he has done it, in order to increase his chances to be included in the next Likud list after the election. So hypocrite.
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