Lieberman to Hamas: Holidays are over, beware
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 05.10.18, 09:58
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1. time for discipline to be borught back.
2. Windows dressing,he's still keeping Karmi open & allows Gaza
ab   (10.05.18)
-ns into Israeli hospitals,idiocy without limit
3. talk is cheap
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (10.05.18)
when the IDF starts hitting the top poople in Hamas, maybe then the riots will stop.
4. The israeli are very weakness
Michel ,   Detroit   (10.05.18)
Please shut up you are unable to solve the problem. We need someone like his Excellency President Donald J. Trump
5. Yo Yvette: to find out about our holidays the Muslim ghouls
can look it up in any calendar.
We don't need you for that.
What we need you& the PM for, is obviously something you're not willing to do: govern with vision and conviction.
Even with the friendliest of US administration you tremble at the idea of displeasing the Orange One!
6. The Israel's calamity
Sarah ,   Ashkelon   (10.06.18)
Lieberman got his position as DM thanks to his promise to kill Haniyeh, and who he really has wanted to kill has been the Hasidim. But things have changed so much that it could be said that he has become Haniyeh's bodyguard.

For many Israelis, he is the embodiment of the weakness of the IDF against our enemies. I'm convinced that any leftist leader of the Zionist Union party would be much braver to face the threat of Gaza.

He is only good to defend with harsh words his tenure in office against other possible candidates.

And the worst of all is that Netanyahu can't throw him out because doing so he would lose the government majority.

Definitely, this man is the greatest calamity that has happened to Israel in its 70 years of history.
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