No women running for mayor in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
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Published: 06.10.18, 21:47
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1. Remember Harvey Weinstein ...
Merav Blumenthal ,   Israel   (10.06.18)
- Men make the rules and women have to submit. The moment women gain a little strength, men are playing poor little underdog. Every animal species on the face of the earth respects and esteems the female, despite the human. Human males use their physical and financial strength to violantly dominate the world and play God. Few exceptions on both sides ....
2. No Dogs or Cats are Running For Mayor
Erich ,   Jerusalem - NY   (10.07.18)
Shame, shame...this is clear evidence that we remain an anthropocentric society.
3. So what?!If they don't feel like it should we actually force
one to run, because it fits some lunatic, delusional "equality"-freaks?
4. Payback for the rabid feminist racist sexist hate of males!
MalePushbackTime ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.08.18)
time for a male backlash to save their sons ..sane females invited to
join or the next step in the Leftist deranged mob will be male euthanasia
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