Opinion  Alex Fishman
Sinwar's hidden message: Calm for Gaza rehabilitation or war
Alex Fishman
Published: 06.10.18, 23:45
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1. "OR WAR"? haha, what exactly has been doing other than that
Anon   (10.07.18)
2. What a Negotiator
Ed ,   USA   (10.07.18)
In order to get Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza, Hamas attacks Israel? What a great way to convince Israel that Hamas will not be a bigger military threat if it could get unobstructed aid from Iran.

Interesting that it never occurs to Hamas that the way to peace with Israel--and prosperity for Gaza--is to stop attacking and recognize that Israelis have human rights.
3. Reading only half of this article, I came to 2 conclusions :
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.07.18)
1. Terrorists that have been caught and imprisoned should be given
the death sentence (after a specific study of the person) - specifically this

2. Our wonderful IDF / security authority / Mossad should plan the project
of taking the heads off the snakes - specifically killing Hamas and Jihad
leaders in Gaza. Then, and only then, will Gaza people be able to
negotiate with Israel for a better life.
4. No way should Israel do anything but destroy Hamas
Shachar ,   Eilat   (10.07.18)
No deals, no understandings....turn the screws much harder. The sheer gall of these nobody terrorists....."help me survive and rearm to destroy you or I'll go to war" is all he is saying. He needs to be targeted relentlessly along with the entire Hamas leadership.
5. Tough Customer
Lee ,   Los Angeles   (10.07.18)
So were Rantissi and Yassin...............
6. Finish Hamas now
roxanne ,   haifa   (10.07.18)
Sounds like a great time to finish off Hamas.
7. At least a (terrorist) leader that's consistent& willing to
take a risk.
True: if he messes up it won't matter much- few hundreds dead Gazans, who's counting (or cares)
Bibi cannot take such gamble....or can he?
8. Sinwar is seeing the end of Hamas rule
Avi L.   (10.07.18)
Sinwar is seeing the end of Hamas rule

And Bibi is offering a hand in getting out of trouble and in continuing to be a threat.

Sinwar is desperate, the internal situation has never been so bad, no military victory in sight because tunnels and missiles have been rendered ineffectual to the point that his "strategic" weapons are balloons , unemployment, splinter groups ... islam and in particular Hamas has not been the solution.

Bibi on his side doesn't want to rock the boat of the next elections with a border in flames and wants to show he is the guy keeping "quiet"while to assuage his own sense of power he keeps kicking actual auxiliaries of the Abbas clan.

Sinwar look more like the one who threatens to jump out of the window

... so let him jump out of the window ...

better let fatah's gunmen throw him and his own out of windows the way they threw fatah men in 2007

The old way
9. Sinwar is a liar and a hatemonger
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (10.07.18)
which is perfectly in line with his ideology. What he says and what he does is not the same. He is twisting facts and uses the Gazans as Hamas' useful victims.

He is the responsible behind the enormous fire damages and must be brought to court.
10. Sinwar the Islamist wants to eliminate the Jewish State
C   (10.07.18)
sinwar wants the "right of return" for granting some calm to israel's
civilian population.
sinwar knows that this demand in itself would torpedo any negotiations
with the jewish state.
however, sinwar's interview is a propaganda piece meant for
liberal western ears.
sinwar thinks that he can get israel to lift the siege if even if hamas
continues its aggression with incendiary devices and other explosive
devices on israel's population.
sinwar is a clever manipulator who in fact is a fanatic islamist.
11. Looks like War is your only answer....
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (10.07.18)
12. war pays
Ralph   (10.07.18)
These people will always threaten Israel with endless war. They only understand brute force. Endless offers for cease-fire talks will not get it done. Hey, it is obvious war and the rebuild process has rewarded the Palestinian military dictatorship and theocracy quite well with huge financial gains. The eu and un will gladly send money to rebuild the war machine. Quiet can only be achieved if Israel takes matters into it's own hands.
13. A true Alex F. train of thought, meaning: DERAILED!!
14. Surrender
Eva Landa ,   Paris   (10.08.18)
Do they know the word "surrender"?
15. Message not received. Am Yisrael Chai!
Y. Kohen ,   Ariel   (10.10.18)
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