Sara Netanyahu goes on trial for fraud
Published: 07.10.18, 16:28
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1. Sarah N. need a heavy metals hair test done. Take the hair
Rivkah   (10.07.18)
sample the entire length of the hair to the scalp from the back of her head. That is like the rings of a tree. It will reveal for the years it took the hair to grow out what she was poisoned with. That will show the court she has been under attack for a long time by people trying to harm her. She is likely poisoned with mercury, cadmium, titanium, aluminum, x-radiation, and many other toxic substances that reflect attacks on her over the years by people who hate her and are jealous of her, servants and professionals and workers at restaurants and at the PM's residence. That is probably what causes her anger: toxins, toxic heavy metals and radiation. She has a lot of enemies because envy and jealousy. Even Christ asked, "Who can stand against envy?" He couldn't.
2. Any positive Bibi ever did on his job was erased by Sara.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.07.18)
He should have known better when asking her to marry him. She has shown he isn't a smart man.
3. Justice
Avi L.   (10.07.18)
Let her be judged like any Bouzaglo or better with the aggravation of being in a position of power and abusing of this power to perform the (alleged) crimes
4. "Lock her up"
Avi L.   (10.07.18)
5. Sara dear your cell is waiting
Alexs ,   TLV   (10.07.18)
6. is this what innocence looks like?
or are we looking at something else here?
7. Gawd damn..she is hard on the eyes...
Al   (10.07.18)
Should have bought less food and more personal trainer.

Fat slobs all around.
8. That's what I call a true democracy!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (10.07.18)
Everyone is equal before the law. Even the Prime Minister and his family
9. The murder of a person's reputation is the same to haShem as
Rivkah   (10.07.18)
the murder of the person. The misuse of haShem's authority is a grave offense. Those who are involved in this ridiculous attack on the Netanyahus will pay dearly when they are turned away from haShem's kingdom because He is rejecting them. They won't like what haShem has in store for them and it will be everlasting torment.
10. Poor bastards: if they can't get the "first" prize (Bibi),
they'll settle for second: Sara.
The third would've been!
But that bitch is dead.
11. So what?They cant get Bibi so they attack Saraleh. Feh!
Alan ,   SA   (10.08.18)
His "opponents" can't bear that the majority of Israel Jews want Bibi as PM. So they go for Sarah.... If Bib calls an election now he will get increased support and they know it . Also 12X interviews under caution for Bibi.? Wow.. He works so hard for Israel and gets results.They want that they should serve foul medems and pitta in Balfour Street. ???Look at how many charges they pulled out of the hat for ordering meals at restaurants. .More than if Sarah would have done armed robbery at a bank.... Sarah -"Ess gezunterheid"-so what if you put on a few kilos. If Bibi is happy with you so am I.If Sara knows Krav Maga -thats also OK by me
12. Netanyahus eat too much, especially ice cream,
C   (10.08.18)
so she must be guilty.
if the pm and his family, and guests eat too much, then the charge
is aggravated fraudulent receipt of goods.
what exactly constitutes the aggravation part of the fraudulent
receipt of goods.
how is fraud or breach of trust different from the fraudulent
receipt of goods.
why are there seemingly different charges when in fact there
was only one alleged offence, namely, spending money
on meals.
13. What a deliberately vicious headline "Fraud"
"Fraud"Really?! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.08.18)
when were talking about how much toast the family ate end
to the deranged blind hate of Reuters YNET and so much of the world
directed not at the Netanyahu's but at the Jewish Homeland their real
target..they enemy from without and worse the enemy from within...
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