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Report: Russia gives S-300 to Syria for free
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 08.10.18, 21:52
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1. Say no more, good luck with that junk :-)
2. Putin is an autocrat who supports other autocrats
C   (10.08.18)
russia can never be trusted.
russia's major ambition is to undermine and defeat the west.
3. Most likely this is a mock system to let Syrians play
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.09.18)
with it on dummy planes
4. seems that Russia expects the junk to have a short life
And will not object tbe IAF turning it to scrap metal on the next mission.
5. no worry! fake Benassi assures us Putin dances to Bibi tunes
Rafi ,   US   (10.09.18)
It's all for good according to Dr Fraud
6. Obviously They Know What The System Is Worth
David ,   Atlanta   (10.10.18)
Israeli/American technology, America has an edge. Israeli/Russian technology, ROTFLMAO!!!
7. Russians never give anything for "free".
They just make you pay with your freedom.
8. Hey! I guess Russia's whining is over.
Brad ,   USA   (10.11.18)
Remember how Russia was crying a puddle on the floor because the U.S. wasn't contributing to the "rebuilding" of the Arab terrorist state, Syria? Now obviously Russia has just told the world that she can afford to ante up, pay the whole bill herself, and shut up. Yeah, shut up.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (11.16.18)
Mullahs that is basically stolen formIran against the wishes of the real Iranians. Putin is in war business, and he is got the mullahs to help him rub Iran.
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