KKL: Incendiary balloons caused environmental disaster
Matan Tzuri
Published: 10.10.18, 09:09
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1. We all see the green/env groups don't care about environment
2. Stop supplying Helium to Gaza
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (10.10.18)
Helium is supplied to Gaza for medical purposes. The terror organization Hamas is abusing Helium as a terror weapon against Israeli civilians.
3. Slob Eisencot doesn't care ,his precious pals must not be
ab   (10.10.18)
harmed,that's his foremost concern
4. environmental disaster
David ,   Germany   (10.10.18)
Well EU and UN, no comments? No coverage in the local German papers or on TV? This is exactly why there is no end to the conflict in the middle east! The press has sold its integrity to the highest bidder and the politicians are not any better! And where are the environmentalist and wild life activists? Let me guess, you are all waiting for Israel to react so that you can blame her for the conflict. Sham on you as your deeds will be upon your children- children.
5. leiberman-how dumb can you be
manny   (10.10.18)
target the top, not react halfheartedly. you have turned into a disaster.
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