US student detained in Israel for alleged boycott support
Associated Press
Published: 10.10.18, 12:47
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1. Bar entry
David Miltier ,   Kibbutz Gat   (10.10.18)
Perhaps now other countries will catch on to the idea and bar entry to Israelis who live in the West Bank or who support the Settlement Enterprise!
2. BDS is not a grassroots movement.
Schaden Freude ,   Haifa   (10.10.18)
It is brewed, bottled and peddled by a group of people who are anything but"grassroots".
3. She ran a group that support terror on Jews, harasses Jews
Firstly your claim of alleged support for bds is a lie as you clearly state she was a president of a bds group which harassed Jews on campus, supports terrorists and terrorism against Israeli civilians, deny Jewish private rights and calls for the destruction of Israel.

Its not alleged the founders and leaders of bds calls for the end of the Jewish state.. why is ynet supporting antisemitism and lying about their intentions when its all known?

The bds including sjp have actively physically attacked dozens of Jews in the west for being Jewish. Denial of antisemitism by a Jewish Israeli newspapers is worse than some idiots in Europe being antisemitic.....

Just shows has immoral Hebrew university has become to support someone who was a leader of an org calling for the destruction of Israel...and supporting terrorists against civilians. Unis in Israel hijacked by the terror supporting left long ago..

And people wonder why bib keeps getting elected as these intellectual idiots would be a danger.....

All in the name of peace.

Good argument to institutionalise most of these people for insanity.

4. Boycott Israel until want to study there?????
5. This trouble maker is welcome to leave our country. We
Nadav Katz ,   Qatzrin   (10.10.18)
have not invited her to our country and we have no obligation to let her, or anyone else, enter the liberal democratic and sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, none what-so-ever.
6. lara alkasem
actually, she did...
7. She is not detained....
deavman ,   TA   (10.10.18)
...she is barred from entry. She can leave anytime back to the US, but she chose to stay and eventually gain entry. Personally I think she should have been let in, and monitored for anti Israel activity and if found to engage in such, should be thrown out, her studies notwithstanding.
8. fines are the best way to go
david ,   new york   (10.10.18)
they need a law legislating fines for such anti-Israel activity.
you become a hero if youre detained, but nobody's your friend when you are fined $25,000
also, the money could go to victims of terrorist attacks
9. This is her 2nd visit to Israel
According to other reports she was in Jerusalem on Hebrew University campus in December 2017! So what has changed since then that now she isn't allowed to enter Israel?
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