Hazan: Lucy Aharish 'seduced a Jewish man to hurt the state'
Moran Azulay
Published: 11.10.18, 09:54
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1. Some people left
Slaves and servants and came to Israel,
so that their children don’t end up marrying arabs.
2. POS MK Hazan vomits racism again!
3. King of seducer!
Rimoczi ,   Duesseldorf   (10.11.18)
Hazan seduced the commomn sense, in order to poisen the brain!
4. Lucy
Jez ,   Netanya   (10.11.18)
Hassan is a disgrace to the Jewish people. Low lifes like him should not be in the knesset and the honourable members of the likud party should do the decent thing and deselect.
Good luck Lucy. You are a great journalist
5. "Soul of a Jewish man": a bit pompous, wouldn't you agree?
6. Private matters of heart should stay that way: private.Hazan
while sometimes being amusingly provocative, overstepped the boundary of good taste, common sense and few more codes of conduct, while appearing as totally boorish baboon.
7. 100% right
tiki ,   belgium   (10.11.18)
Lucy Aharish is a beautiful woman, successful journalist and I have nothing but praise for her.....but she's an Arab and their children will be Arabs!

Sad, very sad!
8. Hazan is right because Tsahi converted to vile Islam
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.11.18)
Lucy would have married him otherwise since she would have been murdered by her own folks for marrying an Infidel.
9. Big mouth Hazan is jealous!
10. Mazal tov to the lovely couple!
11. Inter-marriage must not be a threat
if you learn, how to attract and assimilate the non-Jewish partner into your community. It could actually make you stronger, but only, if you want to and if you make him/her feel welcome. Unfortunately, most Jewish communities are failing in this. Ask yourselves, why? Why are the rabbis failing to attract more people to the Torah? Is it not perhaps that bigotry harms the Torah? If somebody would tell me that Hazan only says, what Torah teaches, I would be also put off.
12. Seems from these talkbacks that anti-simianism is
Simon Marriott ,   Haifa   (10.11.18)
on the rise. Good.
13. All the happiness in the world for them.
Ben ,   haifa   (10.11.18)
Lucy and Tsahi,

I wish you all the happiness and love in the and many healthy and bright children.

For the rest, go y..r s..lf Mr. Hazan, religion, and nationality...

14. Who is Hazan married to? Male or female? or not?
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.11.18)
15. Hazan - not only your name sounds Arabic but also your
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.11.18)
appearance - especially with that beard. What is it with the men
these days - beards so that you can look more Arabic ?????
16. MazalTov for Lucy and Tzahi: this is the way it should BE!
assanoyama   (10.11.18)
17. Hazan is right!
Rivka ,   Jerusalem   (10.11.18)
Another sad case of assimilation. I wish that all the pro-intermarriage people here, will have many arab grandchildren!
18. May they be blessed with many years of happiness.
Karen ,   Ha Merkaz   (10.11.18)
19. Not good...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.11.18)
20. ugly ugly person
lili   (10.11.18)
21. hazan's brain
tomer ,   jerusalem   (10.11.18)
nothing surprising from the "brains" son.only so much: I seduced too
a jewish woman ,got married and have beautiful chilren.

Mr.Hazan may continue with his "lucy in the sky with diamond..." experiments
but pls. do not bother us with your comments anymore. You may entertain
your party friends and maybe look in the cellar for your "brain".
22. Oren Hazan is a typical utra-orthodox racist and fascist
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (10.11.18)
he must be removed from the Knesset. Israel does not need such scumbags as MK. Fie!

To the happy couple: mazal tov.
23. The Jewish People Are An Ancient People
Michael R ,   NJ, USA   (10.11.18)
We did never survive because of a state but because of our G—, His/our Torah, and our stiff, stubborn necks. The Torah has a solution for this. To the most committed of the Jewish people to our ancient Traditions and faith, namely the Orthodox, children of a gentile mother are gentile. Whatever nonsense laws a modern state may enact, they know who is who. They will not intermarry with the gentiles. It may not happen all in a single grand event or a single generation, but this foolish man has slit the throat of all the generations from before him whose hopes of a Jewish future rested with him. Already he was obviously disconnected from his personal inheritance as a Jew. Now he has disconnected his descendants. The Jewish People will endure as a people. But there will eventually be no trace of him among them.
24. This fool will understand what we old guts already know
Al   (10.11.18)
A young shiksa becomes an alte mise goya.

He wouldn't know as he doesn't know yiddish.
25. Hazan is a Hebrew name; do you really live in Israel?
barbara   (10.11.18)
That said, Oren Hazan is an idiot. Also, btw, there's no such thing as "looing like an Arab". Arabs can look like anything, just like Jews,
26. Aharish no friend of Jews or Israel vicious history
NoFriendOfIsraelShe ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.11.18)
of attacking the Jewish Faith The Likud the Prime Minister Judea
and Samarian Jews etc etc etc
a quick check of the archives of Channel two will prove the above
no doubt her actor husband shares her view he has demonstrably
decided not to continue to be part of the future of the Jewish People
he has publicly chosen to opt out estimated
100,000 Israeli girls have married Arabs whats so special about
her ? Israel has failed miserably in inculcating pride of being Jewish
the only hope is the phenomenal demographic growth of all
the various Orthodox Jewish Communities and the Traditional Jews
Sadly many will be lost to secular assimilation in Israel no less than the Jews of America but in the end all will be well. 70 years of extreme Leftist
anti Judaic hate via the educational system the mass media popular
"culture" has done its dirty work on tens of thousands of young
Jews and their parents who care little or nothing of their 4.000 year
old heritage but as so many times in the past the faithful religious
Jew will save us
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