US: No Syria reconstruction aid if Iranian presence persists
Published: 11.10.18, 11:33
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1. Bye Bye Pompeo, your time will soon be up, Bye Bye
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.12.18)
Boo Hoo
2. The Iranians snd the Russians will reconstruct syria
Tehraniporou   (10.12.18)
They have an economic interest to increase their stranglehold on the country.
3. farmer
gaone ,   moscow   (10.12.18)
yes,,sir good decision,,iran must leave syria
4. why should the US give any reconstruction aid
zionist forever   (10.12.18)
The country was destroyed by Assad, Russia and Iran so let them pay the bills, the US has wasted enough on reconstruction of Afghanistan and Iraq where not a penny has been appreciated and considering the US is still the great satin in Syria why bother.
Trump spend that money on America don't waste it on an enemy who chose to destroy his own country.
5. No funds in any case
Avi L.   (10.12.18)
Why should the still free world finance the Assad clique, Putin, Erdogan and the khomeynists?

They destroyed the country?

Let them piece it together.

What? Now they are also going to make "some money" out of the massacre?

It would be a ad example for anybody interested in this kind of business model.
6. Like The USA Was Going To Give Syria Money Anyway.
World Citizen ,   the world   (10.13.18)
This is the best news Russia could have wished for. And Iran will help Assad secure the country. Your government was active in helping the terrorists causing havoc in that country. You will reap the whirlwind you have sown.
7. Bombing is easier ..
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (10.15.18)
This whole theater with Iran is a US geopolitical game. Israel should use it's channels to Russia to lower the level of aggression from Iran. Bombing and leaaving Syria in ruins will not make Israel more secure. It is already visible and reality that US has lost almost all influence in the world, specifically in ME, and Israel will have to face the security challanges by it self. How important will it be to have rather very good relation to Russia, instead of bagging the West for support. Many EU countries are not very much friendlier than Iran, but I do not hear from Israel open gramophone alike accisations against them. Israel should stop shouting accusations against Iran and demanding more sanctions, but rather communicate with them and address their real concern.
In face of illegal wars and interventions in ME, and in Europe, conducted by NATO, like in Yugoslavia, Ukraine, NATO expamsion to Russia's borders, incitement to Russo-phobia, the concern of Iran, and not only, is very genuine!
For Israel, it is not a question of choice! Israels perspective goes beyond Trump being couple years in office. It is a strategic question. The West definitively will loose the ability to dictate the world affairs it use to do over the last couple centuries. It is a paradigm change. Israel has to act wise.
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