Nikki Haley succeeded, despite Trump
Daniel Shapiro
Published: 11.10.18, 23:45
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1. Dan Shapiro stood idly by while Obama fed Israel to the dogs
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (10.12.18)
How dare Dan Shapiro paint Trumps red blooded achievements like exposing the travesty UNWRA that has been snowballing the refugee issue for 70 years as just white and mediocre at best while Obama fed the lie that Jews have no ties to Jerusalem to the UNSC nog al
Dan you did less than nothing for the national homeland of the Jews you mumser
2. Obama
jumpmaster ,   columbia   (10.12.18)
One of the very first things Obama did was send back the bust of Sir Winston Churchill that sat on the POTUS desk.
He held a conversation with Bibi Netanyahu in the Oval Office and made sure the press photographed him with his shoes up on the desk facing Bibl.

Yeah, talking about a lack of respect for our friends............
3. Daniel Shapiro was and continues to be Charlatan Obama's fan
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.12.18)
4. TRUMP 2020
Judah ,   Toronto   (10.12.18)
5. "Respect" doesn't matter....
Rock Star ,   Iceland   (10.12.18)
Like it or hate it, the Unites States is indispensable to the global order. There will be no vacuum so who's it going to be... Russia? China? The EU? Laugh out loud. Ninnies, chatterers and academics be damned. Military might, popular culture and economic dynamism will continue to determine who is THE global power and presently, and for the foreseeable future, all three of these attributes belong to the United States and the United States alone.
6. Haley in 2024 will desire votes from the woman Prez of 2020.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.12.18)
7. Shapiro failing to hide his Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Rafi   (10.12.18)
... which is why the right-wing xenophobes will pan it...
9. War mongers for president?
Farid H. ,   Germany / Morocco   (10.12.18)
Should Nikki Haley become POTUS, brace for WW3. She's extremely hawkish vis a vis Russia and China, and this could backfire in a very spectacular way. While her popularity in Israel is understandable, let's not forget the bigger picture here. Trump is an angel of peace and the epitome of wisdom compared to her... at least regarding his position to the other superpowers.
10. I hope Ms Powell does Not succeed Nikki.
Alan ,   SA   (10.12.18)
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (10.12.18)
Shapiro is of the failed Obama creed."Just appear,hypocritically, to be nice and things will workout for the best".This ideology of the weak has been shown categorically to fail.There are some hard nut people and issues that need solving and only Trumpian type hard and firm policies will work.Shapiro is of the past and so be it.
12. R2334 betrayed law, alliance, reality unlike other US presi
13. We are worried to
anonymous ,   U.S.   (10.12.18)
Great article, we are worried too, about what Trump is doing to the U.S.

No offense, but there are jokes here that he is the President of Israel.

Not good for Jews in the diaspora.

With regard to Nikki Halley, not a fan. Won't have my vote for anything.
14. Nikki
J.K.   (10.12.18)
Nikki Halevy
15. Liberal Jews are stupid.
Brad ,   USA   (10.12.18)
You live on the edge of danger, but bad mouth your allies. Just like the 70% of American Jews who are also liberal and thus, stupid. And not all American admins. backed Israel. Obama would've been happy to see Israel be pushed into the sea. Using dingbat Madeline Albright as an example af anything good, proves the author of this column is also stupid. Nikki Haley is doing a great job, but not in spite of President Trump. Trump has been backing her the whole time. I believe Haley when she says she needs some time off. You can only spend so much time in the Marxist, Islamist terrorist monkey cage UN before you need a break.
16. US was damaged greatly but survived despite Charlatan Obama
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.12.18)
17. Make it clear Jews appreciate Trump's friendship
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.12.18)
Israel has never had a better friend in the White House than Donald Trump. Yet the same leftist idiots, like Daniel Shapiro, who boot licked hostile Obama endlessly, attack Trump constantly. Sane Jews need to make it clear the lunatic Jewish left doesn't speak for us. Make it clear we fully appreciate Trump's friendship.
18. Dear Anonymous, who is worried?
Golani ,   Vineland   (10.12.18)
Anonymous, Nikki Haley has been tremendous at her efforts in standing up the the UN when need be. She has been amazing and I would hope that she may run for President in 2024 after President Trump finishes his second term. President Donald Trump has been great for Israel, great for the US and great for the Jews in the diaspora. See that: there are different opinions out there and we are allowed to think and voice them. I know that the democratic party is a strong advocate of freedom of speech and acceptance of all as long as you agree with them 100%, otherwise you should not say anything, think anything or vote. Peace
19. Mr
Tzvi toer ,   Humberside. U.K   (10.13.18)
Nikki Haley made superb job ,,,a absolute truth, she show intelectual level ,
some thing that its not usual at U.N today.
20. Nikki Haley succeeded because she is brilliant and ethical
C   (10.13.18)
very few diplomats, if any, are as ethical as nikki haley.
as a result, she was admired even by some enemies of the united states.
21. Are you real Mr. Shapiro
Marko   (10.14.18)
Mr. Shapiro before you talk about Trump let's recall, ISS, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and much more, I'm addition to ten of thousands killed. On top of it the Hutspa to except the Nobel prize for Peace. Mr. Shapiro are up real????. Sa
22. Niki Hailey succeeded because of Trump
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (10.14.18)
He gave her the freedom to persue the truth unrestrained
Unlike Dan Shipiro who allowed the notion that the murderous terrorist acts perpetrated by the Arabs are equivalent to the IDFs defense of the national state of the Jews
23. Her victories divide by 5
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (10.14.18)
Nikki's effort for Israels cause is highly appreciated. One bitter pill is however, that the selfish and blinded USA establishment has made a strategic mistake to choose the fight against Russia, instead of reaching out to the out stretched Russian hand, which was there - and is still holding out - for many years.

Now the Anglo-saxonian wanna be world hegemony will learn the hard way, that mother Russia is not Iraq or Libya - they should now it since latest WW2 when the "weak" USSR defended the world from Hitler, who was set up by UK/USA.
Now Russia is much stronger than USSR - it does not have to feed 13 out of 15 former USSR republics. With its resources, science, will and stamina it will take over the world leadership together with the countries of the Big Land - the Land, of which the then UK empire in early 19th was so much afraid of - Germany - Rusiia- China -India will reunite the Euroasoan continent, which can not be subdued by sea.
And now, go back to history books and ask the Israeli politicians to reassess their prostitute like dependency on the decaying Western world.
24. Too Bad
Matt ,   Portage   (10.15.18)
Too bad for this obviously biased article. The leadership of Israel is thrilled, yes thrilled, with the Trump administration and Trump himself.

This president has been the hardest on Russia than any president in modern history. We know what he did with North Korea.

The problem with Liberals is that it's all about speeches, words, and let's get along. The American people have spoken. We did not like the direction of the country so we voted for a change and got. We could not have been more thrilled.

Liberal lies, deception, and attacks are only now working on the uneducated. The days are numbered for the Left, make no mistake about it. Good.
25. spot on
Matt ,   Portage, USA   (10.15.18)
Spot on. The left seems to think a finely polished speech is going to solve all of the tough issues. Just like a liar accusing someone of sexual assault they did not commit. Trump is doing the heavy lifting of the FAILED last 8 years. Trump 2020
26. Obama hid under Michelle's dress...
ironbutterfly   (10.15.18)
took his orders from Susan Rice, destroyed Libya, allowed Russia back into the Middle East, permitted the Chinese to build an archipelago in the South China Sea, got bounced out of Nevada by a militia and turned the FBI into a coercive arm of the "Democratic" party, joining the IRS in a politically-based preferencing system of civil service twits-cum-syncophants. So speaking of cum, Michael, go ahead and suck some nice balls like you know you love to, it's what you guys do. Twerp.
27. Mr- Retired citizen
David Bailey ,   Aberdeen NC   (10.29.18)
Mr Shapiro has a limited understanding of how the Trump administration works. Nikki Haley supports and carries out the plans and policies of Pres Trump. His actions are viewed favorably by the majority and "normal' thinking people in the US. They approve changes in NATO to lower the financial burden on the US and upgrade readiness of the member forces, withdrawal from the terribly flawed Iran nuclear deal, rejection of the monster hit on the US by the Paris climate accord, pro Israel actions in the UN and moving the Embassy. There are so many other good things to mention. Obama was bad for Israel whereas Trump is good, simply put. Unfortunately, to many Jews in the US have not given Trump the support he deserves.
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