Hamas leader: We are trying to 'reach understandings' with Israel
Elior Levy
Published: 12.10.18, 14:41
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1. No ceasefire. And we already understand you.
Brad ,   USA   (10.12.18)
Every time an Islamist terrorist organization starts trouble and Israel hits back, the terrorists want a "ceasefire". That means they are weak and in some kind of trouble. When they cry ceasefire, hit them harder and more often. And we don't need any "understanding". We understood them perfectly when they vomited out their hatred for Israel, and their desire to push Israel into the sea. To hell with Hamas, to hell with Hezbollah, to hell with Isis, and all of the other Jew hating Christian hating holocaust denying blood thirsty lying Islamist terrorist entities.
2. It's a long time to allow rioting while awaiting Hamas OK
Sam ,   Montreal   (10.12.18)
So, Israel is going to allow Gaza rioting for weeks and months until Hamas decides what it is going to do.
3. Hamas has a powerful ally ,General Eisencot ,who
ab   (10.12.18)
assures Gazan arsonists operate wit impunity.
Won't be surprised Israel will capitulate once more allowing Gaza offal to run amuck in Israel, free to cross the border.
4. Understandings between rats& tigers?! Don’t think so....
5. Hamas is on its knee, finish it
Avi L.   (10.12.18)
6. Haniyeh is such an slimy sh-t-for-brains.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.13.18)
The only 'understanding' we need is for Hamas to keep to itself. Period. Stay within your borders. Keep your tunnels and rockets within your borders. Keep your incendiary kites within your borders.

You CHOOSE not to. So 'understand' this Mr. Haniyeh, creator of the sickness within Gaza: until you publicly announce that you and Hamas unconditionally accept Israel's right to exist and will never again try to inflict harm on her, you and your goons will be considered enemies of the state. Period.
7. when the world makes peace with the Islamic State, Israel
C   (10.13.18)
will make peace with islamist hamas. until then, israel will continue its puny
war against the terrorists of gaza.

the so called world is ruled by lunatics that care only about miniscule
affairs of their own.
we shall never forget that macron called israel's defencive actions
on the gaza border "heinous acts."
8. Author on Hamas side
PermReader   (10.13.18)
The political position is evident by the choice of the sides of the conflict, that have got the micro: the leftist author on the hamas lying side.
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