Lieberman: Gaza fuel supply won't resume until rioting stops
Liad Osmo, Itay Blumenthal
Published: 13.10.18, 18:57
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1. Assad and the Russians would know how to silence them.
steve ,   beer sheva   (10.13.18)
2. If the stop for 5 minutes
DSM ,   USA   (10.13.18)
If the rioting stops for five minutes Israel will resume the fuel supply. The Palestinians know they are dealing with the paper tigers of Bibi's administration.
3. Lieberman
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (10.13.18)
Lieberman is full of hot air.
He claimed that Hamas leaders would be terminated under his leadership, he claimed he'd bring the death penalty for terrorist attacks, now he claims no gas till terror ceases... He'll back down by tomorrow morning, its a shame, Israel deserves a better minister of defence!

Long live Israel, the only democracy in the middle east!
4. The Gaza's children
Nir Shushan ,   Qiryat Shemona   (10.13.18)
Lieberman has us accustomed to suffer with patience his many high-sounding words, intended to make good headlines in the newspapers, and from which later he always forgets.

The words he just said today soon will go down in history.

Suspend fuel supply to Gaza when it's close to winter will make all nations clamor against Israel for humanitarian reasons.

Can anyone imagine the effect of the pathetic photos that can be published in Europe showing Gaza children hungry and shivering with cold during Christmas?

In Gaza there is only one good solution, but Lieberman isn't the right man to adopt it.
5. Israeli losers allow Haniyeh's family to move freely between
ab   (10.13.18)
Israel and Gaza, ,no wonder this fat murderer feels so secure
6. The War Theatre of Gaza
Sarah ,   Ashkelon   (10.14.18)
Every week, this man, or his Chief of Staff, tells us that Israel is "ready for any scenario." However, on Friday of every week the crowds in Gaza show us that the IDF has no idea how to resolve this scenario.

To make matters worse, the incendiary artifacts that come from the strip have proved to be much more destructive than the dozens of thousands of rockets that were launched before the Protective Edge operation. It's very humiliating that the only state in the Middle East with an operational wing of F-35 stealth fighter jets, doesn't yet know how to fight kites and helium balloons.

The results are well known to all: 20,000 hectares of the fertile lands surrounding Gaza have been turned into scorched and bald land that is not worth re-cultivating until the end of the current war, because beyond doubt Israel is waging and losing this WAR.
7. netanyau is spiness and an idiot
ed   (10.14.18)
3000 acres of pristine Israeli forests have been burned and this moron bibi sits there passively issuing empty threats. he has no damn conception of what to do.

how about taking out Hamas leaders one by one until all incendiaries stop.
how about firing incendiaries into Gaza.
how about knocking out all telecommunications in Gaza.

bibi sits there just like protective edge, clueless.

what an indictment of a weak prime minister.
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