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2,000-year-old stone found with full spelling of Jerusalem the first time
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 15.10.18, 13:52
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1. Wait a minute! It's not written in Arabic??
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.16.18)
How can that be? Abbas and the PA mouthpieces tell us 'Palestinians' have been here since before time began, so Arabic would be the lingua franca, right?

Oh, I see. Maybe the 'Palestinians' didn't really exist back then. The Jews certainly did though- and you have a sign post, in Hebrew, to prove it.

Isn't it funny how simple little things like this signpost show off Abbas's lies? I dare say, he must be livid about this: his 'Palestinian' ancestors never existed!

I guess that means he's going to rant and wave his fists in the air and whine about the 'occupation.' Which is quite ironic as his 'Palestinians' are doing the occupying of ancient Jewish territory.

What's wrong Mr. Abbas? Is your 'history' is once again proven to be fiction?
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