Lieberman: Time has come to hit Hamas with 'hardest blow'
Moran Azulay, Attila Somfalvi
Published: 14.10.18, 11:06
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1. Boker Tov!-Lieberman is now smelling the coffee
Alan ,   SA   (10.14.18)
Hamas will NEVER stop the border shenanigans until they are forced to.. It is too successful for them..
2. Can he finally DO something instead of just blubbering?!
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (10.14.18)
3. How did Hamas supporters get close enough to the fence?
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.14.18)
The moment anyone from Gaza touches the fence, they are legitimate targets. This latest attack reminded me of Japanese 'Banzai' charges during WWII. They would just keep throwing themselves at the American positions and the Americans would just mow them down until they ran out of ammo.

Israel doesn't need to refer to its 'Rules of Engagement' every time it kills a soldier from Gaza. And they are soldiers- they take their orders from Haniyeh. The ONLY rule of engagement that fits this situation is "kill anything that crosses the border fence and wound anything that touches the border fence."

Why is it that Gazans attack the Israeli border? Egypt's border is just a few kilometers away and the Egyptians and Gazans are brothers, right?

They don't attack Egypt for two reasons: 1) the Egyptian Army would slaughter anyone attempting to break through in a heartbeat. and 2) Attacking Egypt doesn't fit in with Hamas's "fight the Zionist Entity and End the Occupation" game plan. (Which was precisely the same game plan as Arafat, decades ago.)

So here's the proof: Israel allows more humanitarian supplies into Gaza than Egypt. Israel allows border crossings. Egypt does so infrequently. Israel provides more electricity than Egypt. Etc., etc.

Hamas has put itself in a very tenuous position. It is the sole reason Israel went to war against it. It is the sole reason parts of Gaza were turned into rubble. It is the sole reason residents of Gaza died. It is the sole reason Gaza is being blockaded. It is the sole reason why life in Gaza is so hard.

If it 'turns over a new leaf' and declares it is a peace-loving organization, then the people of Gaza will rightly ask, "YOU are the reason my home was destroyed, my business ruined, and YOU are the reason my children are dead. Why do you think we'll allow you to live?" The people of Gaza would turn on everyone in Hamas and slaughter them, as they rightly should.

Hamas knows that it can only survive by continuing this evil 'quest' against Israel. So it encourages young people of Gaza to throw themselves against the border fence, regardless of how many will be killed and injured. The International Criminal Court should be pressing charges against Haniyeh and all the leaders of Hamas for crimes against humanity. Where are they?

The people of Gaza, someday, will decide that they've had enough. Maybe it will be when Hamas forces Israel's hand and Israel has to have a massive response. Who knows.

But until Hamas renounces it own charter and decides that peaceful coexistence is preferable to having Gazans killed in a perverted Quixotic quest, Israel has my blessings in defending the border, in every way possible, that protects the lives of our soldiers and the people of Israel.
4. Just words
Motti Lavyan ,   kfar saba   (10.14.18)
Leberman does not understand the defense department nor the IDF. He has no Military experience no deep knowledge about strategy nor tactics; the guy should resign immediately . He served only one year at the Israeli Army!!! He studied agriculture in Kishinev-Moldova!!! The way we won the 6 day war was when we first attacked the Arabs, and we did not wait for them to break our borders. Lieberman risks our soldiers and our country by letting the Gazian to act anytime they want on our land and civilians.
5. Last Warning Number 173 from Lieberman
ab   (10.14.18)
6. Great examples of morality
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (10.14.18)
"and without giving up on the main article in their charter—the destruction of the State of Israel”. Any nation that seeks our destruction falls into a category of Amalek. There is absolutely no need to send our soldiers to Gaza. We can do to Gaza what British air force did to Dresden during WWII. It was just and moral. This is what happens to people who support evil. You can also go on YouTube and see what Russian army did to the Chechen capital Grozny after Chechen terrorists attacked Moscow.
7. Hardest blow? A lifted finger while berating the Muslim mob?
8. Message for Lieberman
Philip ,   Northern Israel   (10.14.18)
Talk quietly, but carry a big stick.
9. Sinwar knows
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.14.18)
That as soon as attention in Gaza shifts from the border clashes to Hamas abject failures in Gaza THE TRUTH WILL OUT and Gazas RAGE will be directed WITH UTTER pent up VENOM at Hamas

Sinwar at the moment IS CLUTHING AT POWER for all its worth EVEN IF IT MEANS SACRIFICING THE LIVES OF GAZANS and condemning Gaza to almost PERPETUAL suffering just so that he and his Hamas elite can continue to suck the lifeblood out of Gaza dry.

Sinwar, Haniyeh, Zahar, pretty boy Mashaal and the whole shebang in Hamas have had their chances in Gaza and BLOWN IT


10. "The hardest blow imaginable on Hamas"
Sarah ,   Ashkelon   (10.14.18)
Let no one imagine obscenities after reading this very well calculated phrase.

I'm sure for this man, the hardest blow imaginable might be to bomb some goat pens, chicken coops and dovecotes with dozens of laser guided missiles, after warning the owners of the animals one day in advance to get them out.

This man has probably planned to move to Europe when he retires and doesn't want to have problems with the ICC in The Hague.
11. Hamas understands only one language
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (10.14.18)
The Falastinian terror groups consider their terror against Israeli civilians and against Jews as legitimate. The Falastinian terror organizations are backed up by their Charta, which emphasizes the destruction of Israel and Judaism, the Quran commands to kill Jews.

Furthermore, the Falastinian terror organizations are backed by the UN and its sub-organizations, by the IRC, by some evangelical churches, by socialist-Stalinist politicians and parties, the EU, by the “new Israel Fund” and other self hating Jews.

Israel must protect its citizens and Israel. Therefore, if Israel is forced to retaliate the daily terror of Hamas and to stop it, Israel will have political problems and Jews all over the world might face demonization and, as in France and England, murderous attacks from Muslims.

Despite all that, I am glad, that our Minister of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman, decided to stop the daily Falastinian terror against Israel.
12. Too many if's
Ardeth Bey ,   Detroit   (10.14.18)
This is all talk with no substance behind it. One only has to scan the article and realize why this thing called hamas is laughing.
13. heads of idf in the sand
ronnie   (10.14.18)
the idf has its heads buried in the sand. instead of rooting out the enemy, it plays bibi's game of defensive, passive, reluctant defense permitting thousands of dunams of land to be burned along with thousands of animals and birds and precious farmland.

bibi of course talks big but is a spineless wimp when it comes to battle. he thinks his threats scare Hamas. they do not . he would never launch a crushing dismantlement of Hamas- he is scared to death.

the orientation of the idf is worrisome. it continues to produce yadlin type general leaders-so smart and so bloody stupid. anyone with half a brain could figure that you cannot withdraw from 1 cm of land. in fact, such withdrawals have made Israel more unsafe and have increased terror. yadlin, dekel, beilin-they have or will have Israeli blood on their hands for their appeasement of Hamas and Fatah now or in the future.

you see a cancer, cut it out. if not , then it will spread. that is exactly what has happened.

Bennett should replace bibi at one. no time to wait. i have 1 question -why did the idf not throw bibi out of action and confine him to a desk job. his idea of fighting is to give a speech begging Putin and trump.
14. israel will hit hamas with significant blows
harold   (10.14.18)
who talks like that? Bibi does. he sounds like herzog and peres. all words, no action.

if the idf released bibi's military file, it might reveal what is going on. all words no action, over and over and over again.

Israel cannot sustain itself with such a leader. this goes back to his first government. empty threats and he withdraws.

something is not right here. he goes through commando service and this is how he behaves-firing blanks. no something is not right.

I can see it but many Israelis do not.

in my opinion, if hitler were alive today, likud would not take him out.he is not alone. half of Israel would not do it. the other half would not hesitate.

if Israel wants a more quiet environment, it must elect feigiin and move Bennett to the front of the line. after some chaos, hamas will be obliterated.

if you do not see feiglin and Bennett leading, Israel will continue to suffer.

this on and off again stuttering what should we do refrain is part of the Jewish people's reluctance to exercise sovereignty. netanyahu and the opposition are responsible for this.

i don't blame Arabs. they see a limp leadership in Israel and pounce on it.

Israel has had too many weak leaders peres, olmert and livni, netanyau and opposition gabbay lapid and livni and zandberg.

this is dangerous. the Jewish people need strong upright leadership. otherwise they will sleepwalk into another holocaust.

15. Winning the Balloon War
Not snipers, nor drones, nor F-15 will win the war against incendiary balloons.Only by reversing the direction of the wind will scientists blow the balloons into the sea.
16. Action speaks louder than words.....
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (10.14.18)
If you're going to shoot, shoot. Don't talk!
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