IDF aircraft strikes cell launching incendiary balloons
Daniel Salami, Itay Blumenthal, Matan Tzuri, and Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.10.18, 19:06
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1. Stop ALL shipments
Jake ,   Dallas   (10.14.18)
Food, electricity, fuel - whatever
Stop it all
2. So, this is the big retaliation of Bibi + Lieberman?
Sam ,   Montreal   (10.14.18)
Maybe this is all they can handle. Who is going to assume some leadership?
3. Back to days of oaf Sharon&Barak,when IDF "attacked" with du
ab   (10.14.18)
IDF is permeated by stench of defeat and surrender.
4. Time to Hit back hard.
Enough is's time to rid the strip of the cancerous infestation
of Hamas....... It's IDF deals them a "Crushing" lesson.....
5. 2 Chronicles Chapter 21 16 And the LORD stirred up against
Jake ,   Petach Tikva   (10.15.18)
2 Chronicles Chapter 21

16 And the LORD stirred up against (King) Yehoram the spirit of the Philistines, and of the Arabians that are beside the Ethiopians;

G-d swore this land to the children of Israel and the Israeli government refuses to take it and settle Jews. This could go on forever.
6. Staged lies, to justify killing Arabs and keep them in line.
NYNY   (10.15.18)
Israel is not being attacked by children's party balloons. There is no real examinable evidence. This story is the most specious nonsense but of course it is based on the Rena song circa 1985 Red Balloons whose lyrics match exactly what the Israelis are pushing. Lyrics are in german and english.
7. Staging Protests
Mike 71 ,   Los Angeles   (10.16.18)
Surely if armed attacks were merely a protest, then all the IDF did was stage a counter-protest!
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