Security Cabinet decides to continue efforts to achieve calm in Gaza
Daniel Salami and Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.10.18, 23:09
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1. This proves.....
DSM ,   USA   (10.14.18)
once again Bibi is all talk and nothing more. Israeli's deserve better.
2. Israel goes from weakness to weakness with no end in sight
Al   (10.15.18)
You can't make a nation out of slaves.
3. enough waiting, start acting!
4. This is beyond comic and tragic, this is pathetic as can be!
5. netanyahu-anything to avoid taking action
ian   (10.15.18)
a leopard doesn't change his spots. you will do anything to avoid taking action. that has been your mantle for over 20 years. you are paralyzed by trauma. you have Lieberman drinking from the same glass as some of your likudniks as well.

most people would not follow you in battle. you have almost no idea on what to do and how to lead a campaign. Gaza war and the Shapira report proved that in spades. you are clueless when it comes to war.

there would be no Israel if you were in charge in 48.
6. the problem is bibi, not hamas
barry   (10.15.18)
whatever the security challenge, the real problem is bibi. the man is a diplomat and not a warrior. he has no inclination like Bennett and even Lieberman to launch a war. he prefers speeches and yapping regardless of burning land and IED fence breakthroughs.

and bibi always reverts to form whenever there are enemy actions. telephone Putin, telephone trump, have more talks. if you look for a dictionary definition of cowardice, this is it. israelis have to be fed up with a pm who will not and cannot defend them.

deputize galant and Bennett to devise and lead a campaign and stay out of the way.
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