From Khan al-Ahmar to Tel Arad
Adv. Tawfiq Jabareen
Published: 15.10.18, 18:58
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1. Inane pal prop,the Beduins established themselves there only
ab   (10.15.18)
a short time ao,no "ancient dwellings" there ,Abu
2. Judges are elected cos of their views welcome to reality...
3. Land is disputed territory as per Hague convention - u liars
4. Was siding with author until they began lying.,, shame
Government doesn't interfere with judge appointments. Like in most democracies or all?, the elected government appoints the judges.

Finally the courts in Israel hijacked by the authoritarian left in the 90s may be returning to its citizens..

Calling Lieberman deceptive and a liar is funny coming from you lying about international law..

The Hague convention defines occupied territory not the Geneva convention. Only high-contracting parties with a legal claim to the land can make it occupied. So its disputed legally at most..

Geneva convention forbids forced settlement like in the Sahara by Morocco, not people choosing to live there. As discussed the land is not occupied anyways..mandate for Palestine and UN charter article 80 back this up.

According to the Geneva convention occupation is not illegal and comes with rules. Civilians become viable targets if they actively oppose the occupier, Which is forbidden. So anyone fighting Israel is a viable target as pers Geneva using your logic.

It is a shame for your ramble in the second part of the article since if your are correct in the first part many Israeli may change their views on the subject. When you revert to blaming settlers, judges, rightwing and Jews in general its portrays you as another propagandist inciting against Jews and Israel.

5. They have no place in Israel !!!!! Lieberman is RIGHT !!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.15.18)
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