Lieberman: Serious blow to Hamas will get us 5 years of quiet
Matan Tzuri
Published: 16.10.18, 11:18
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1. Liberman is right: time to bomb Hamas.
2. Their goal is wiping out Israel not lifting a siege...
3. General on General-and Hamas has goons which make the IDFGen
ab   (10.16.18)
-erals to hesitate and discuss without end.
Good Israel didn't exist during WW2-its Generals would have discussed what to do up to destruction of their State,like the French COS,General Gameiin during the WW2
4. More fake balloon attacks justify war.
NYNY   (10.16.18)
99 red balloons by nena 1983
5. Mowing the lawn but Bibi looks afraid of grass.
Sam ,   Montreal   (10.16.18)
6. Wait on haShem, Israel. I know that is hard, but haShem is
Rivkah   (10.16.18)
going to open up the Earth and swallow up Gaza into hell alive. Zephaniah the Prophet spoke of this when he said haShem will kill every living being in Gaza and the area would become a pasture and sheepfold (ALL buildings disappear). When will this happen? Probably in the next year or so with the Earth changes from Nibiru passing by the Earth which happens every 3600 years. Palestinians would be well advised to leave Gaza and take General/President Al Sisi up on his offer of the Sinai Peninsula as a homeland for Palestinians. The Palestinian agitators in Jerusalem and Israel should go there, too. That is the Palestinian State that would be acceptable to haShem but only if the evil toward Israel is stopped and they choose to live in peace but separately from the Jews. Palestinians are descended from the Philistines that King David cursed with an everlasting curse in Psalms, blocking them from the kingdom of heaven and all of their descendants forever as enemies of King David. What are they? Palestinians are nephillim or part fallen angel. DNA tests will show that.
7. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (10.16.18)
perhaps Lieberman should shut up already and do something positive.
8. Just retake Gaza and all our abandoned lands forever!
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.16.18)
The big problems began when Israel abandoned Gaza, our South Lebanon Security Zone and much of Judea and Samaria to our mortal "Palestinian" foes. The answer is to reverse all our disastrous retreats and concessions. Just retake Gaza and all our abandoned lands forever! This is the only way to permanently end the wars, terror, rockets, incendiary kites etc. Israel needs our land and our land needs us!
9. Gazans - stop being children and miscainim.
Chaim Yankel ,   New York   (10.16.18)
Gazans - being a miscain is not a profession nor does it provide a livelihood. I have concluded that you Gazans are simply idiots. You support your Hamas oppressors like sheep to the slaughter. Hamas people don't care about your welfare or future. They only care about how they can enrich themselves. If you Gazan children only knew how much Hamas has drained from donor country money - to provide villas, electricity, and food for themselves - you would revolt tomorrow. Apparently, you Gazans are too stupid or are simple children to take matters into your hands. Gazans, it is time to take matters into your hands and decide not to remain refugees forever. That won't work as the world is starting to tire of your refugee vocation. Wake up! You must have someone who could lead you into the 21st century proudly and honorably. Blaming Israel for everything just won't work anymore. You were no class citizens under the Egyptians - would you prefer to return to that situation? I would hope not
10. Replace Eisenkot
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (10.16.18)
before starting the war. During Intifada he sacrificed our soldiers to save "peaceful civilian population" that acted as a human shield for terrorist murderers. Eisenkot said he was proud of it. Now he lets South burn and refusing to do what needs to be done.
11. No more temporary solutions, one year or five years
Avi L.   (10.16.18)
Apparently the political echelon realized that doing nothing is a vote-losing situation.

Instead of brushing Hamas under the carpet to see it pop up once more, let's weaken it enough for other players in Gaza to have a go at Hamas throat.

Let Hamas experience some karmic rebalancing with other actors exacting the price of Hamas hybris.

Once the situation fluid enough ... it will be like some H. Bosch scene ... i.e the middle east at its very best.

Fatah, humiliated families, stolen business, envy, hate, greed, gangster families, clanic militias ... everybody squealing on everybody else

Resources will be able to be moved to intercept khomeynist missiles and rocket for the next inevitable round.

Most importantly it will show the islamists that Israel means business, the eastern way, the way they understand, the way you cut human being with a bone saw
12. A serious blow to Bibi's head might do the trick as well!
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