Australian PM faces backlash over surprise shift in Israel policy
Published: 16.10.18, 15:58
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1. Muslims are really concerned about world stability
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.16.18)
2. Arabs simply don't want any advantage given to Israel
Sam ,   Montreal   (10.16.18)
A bunch of Arab and Muslim crybabies. 1.5 billion Muslims can't defeat a few million Jews so they cry and whine all the time to the West. They need to grow up.
3. What the hell: regarding Earth as flat works so well for the
savages of Arabia... why change it now?
Europe seems to support that view of astrophysics, so all is great, right??
4. threats threats & more threats.
tiki ,   belgium   (10.16.18)
Indonesia warns to not take steps that would..........
a) Threaten the peace process.
b) Threaten the stability of world security.

When the Indonesians would be a bit more intelligent they would know that both arguments belong in the category of supreme bullshit!

a) The 'peace process' was killed by palestinian leaders a long time ago.

b) The only real danger to world security are the different Muslim entities with their international terror, threats, suicide killings & wars.

Moving an embassy to Jerusalem certainly doesn't belong in this category!

But stupidity apparently is an virtue in Islam!

5. Just do it, Australia!
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.16.18)
Those idiotic Muslim countries claiming it will 'hurt the peace process' conveniently forget that for the last 40 years they have used every excuse known to man in order to prevent the peace process form going forward.

I think the only thing that will bring peace is for every country to announce that they will move their embassies to Jerusalem.

The Muslims built a mosque in Jerusalem. Big wup. It's not mentioned by name in the Quran, not a single time. I doubt Mohammed ever stepped foot in the city. But it's mentioned hundreds of times in the Torah. Jerusalem is the focal point of Jewish history and has soil drenched in Jewish blood as others have tried to take it, and sometimes succeeded. The Jews never left. Often marginalized and made into dhimmis, they remained in the city of their ancestors.

Just as the city was taken by the Romans and the Muslims, and its people slaughtered or enslaved, it was taken back by the Jews, in combat, by its rightful owners and residents, and we have no inclination to ever change that outcome.

All foreign embassies are welcome to locate in Jerusalem, the one eternal capital of the Jewish State. Australia, we'd be happy to welcome you!

Let's hope Australia follows through with this excellent idea.
6. arab backlash one more reason to move embassy.
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