Bayit Yehudi banners calling against 'assimilation' appear in Ramla
Roi Rubinstein
Published: 18.10.18, 16:13
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1. Assimilation, translation into arabic
Raphaël ,   Netanya   (10.18.18)
Means grooming jewish sex slaves
2. so, do you want your daughter to wear a burka or not?
david ,   new york   (10.18.18)
if you dont want your daughter to wear a burka, then clearly you are a racist and are a hypocrit to object to this ad.
if you are fine with your daughter wearing a burka, then why would this ad be a problem for you: great, you can have your daughter wear a burka and hate jews, how wonderful!
3. How exactly do they want to
right against “assimilation” from the municipal level? By banning love? By ordering the municipal police to attack mixed couples? Or by posting useless pisters and stickers?
4. So the "joint list" candidate...
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (10.19.18)
uses the threat of violence in opposition to the anti-assimilation message. This is not a position that I care to assimilate with. You can bet if you kill me once you will not do so again, lol.
5. So the "joint list" candidate says assimilate or...
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (10.19.18)
face violence. Not folk I want representing me.
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