Gaza rocket hits Be'er Sheva home, IAF retaliates
Ynet reporters
Published: 17.10.18, 08:06
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1. Targetted Assasinations please- stating with Sinwar&Hanniyah
Alan ,   SA   (10.17.18)
2. enough. time to annihilate hamas
3. Boot out Eisencot and start killing Hamas goons,enough with
ab   (10.17.18)
"bombing" of empty fields,losers
Robert ,   Israel   (10.17.18)
Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Liberman. REACT PLEASE !!. This situation can't continue as it is. Israel took the Golan Heights as to keep Syrians away from our borders DO THE SAME WITH GAZA. Palestinians are claiming for five million refugees since seventy years ago, even though the real refugee numbers were way under one million. What does it make if they claim another three million.
Robert ,   Israel   (10.17.18)
Hamas does not choose between military and civilian objectives. As a matter of fact, they prefer to shoot, stab, assassinate, set on fire and kidnap those Israelis that are more unprotected. Why do we need to act militarily correct? Find their most vulnerable ones and do exactly the same they do to us. Don't forget Mr. Netanyahu, THIS IS WAR and when being at war, many things have to be left aside in order to accomplish our goals. Don't worry about Muslims and leftists barking at the UN. They keep killing among themselves all the time. They are not the ones to set a good coexistence example.
6. retaliation is a big joke
C   (10.17.18)
preemtive strike is necessary.

there was a time when the government and the idf knew how to achieve
strategic goals.

today, the government and the idf have become the slaves of foreign
elements. what is the point to having a sovereign jjewish state,
when that state does not act as a sovereign.
7. Fake fire breathing kites and incendiary party balloons.
NYNY   (10.17.18)
I guess fake incendiary party balloons was just preparation for the fake rockets and fake crying women. All necessary requisites to justify attacking Arabs with modern weapons.
8. Mr Liberman/ Mar ..... Liberman
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (10.17.18)
If are not able to do the job, ask from Russian help bring only two Russian bomber plane enough for fereeing you from Gaza Syndrome
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