IDF attacks over 20 Gaza targets after rocket fire
Itay Blumenthal, Elior Levy
Published: 17.10.18, 11:22
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1. messages
tiki ,   belgium   (10.17.18)
Only when a straight rocket will turn the villa's of Hanyeh & friends into rubble they might start to understand.

When they will be brought to Israel and thrown into jail it will be fully understood.

For the moment Israel is dancing on Hamas repertoire and this should end.

Attacks on empty houses & headquarters will not change the scenario!.

2. As usual - weak response
SM ,   who cares   (10.17.18)
Israelis just waiting to be slaughtered by muslim freaks on all sides.
3. appeasement of evil.
Michael ,   Raanana   (10.17.18)
This is the result of the Israeli government policy of appeasement of arab evil.
Nothing new under the sun, just more talk.

Rabin when asked about the possibility of rockets being shot out of Gaza after one of his famous withdrawals, laughed, HA, HA, HA, HA ....WHO IS LAUGHING KNOW!
4. do not stop until hamas keadership bleeds.
5. The fish are happy
Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (10.17.18)
When the fishing zone is reduced to 3 miles the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the fish population of the new boundaries and helps them moving beyond the 3 miles to a safe zone.
6. Not enough targets to make a difference.
Sam ,   Montreal   (10.17.18)
Needs to be followed up with further Gaza targets. Otherwise, Gaza will quickly regroup. Israel prolonging Gaza violence with weak response.
7. Civilian neighborhoods
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (10.17.18)
Hamas launches rocket attacks from civilian neighborhoods. They should be immediately leveled off. It's legal to return fire to the area of attack. Many attacks will be prevented if Gazans know that their homes will be destroyed.
8. Sinwars double dealing two faced duplicity
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.17.18)
Who wound trust him with a dirty handkerchief let alone in charge of Gaza?

This is the guy who announces one minute he wants to stop the conflict with Israel and ease the blockade and the next is firing incendiaries and rockets across the border to resume the next round of violence over and over again

This is the guy who announces one minute how much he wants Palestinian unity (as much as he wants PA money) and the next minute rejects ANY PA representation in Gaza in return

This is the guy who says he weeps for Gazans one minute then cruelly coerces them including women and children to breach the borders right in the firing line at grave risk of their lives..but what does HE CARE

With that type of couldnt trust him to give you the correct time of day

9. Arabs will never understand
C   (10.17.18)
their motto is submission, jihad and supremacy.

what they do understand is that the west is on their side.

as long as israel continues to be the vassal state of the west and its
arab allies, there will be no victory for the jewish state.

this war is a war of propaganda and even the united states is losing it.

israel must revert to her old strategy of winning at all cost.
10. Stop hitting empty targets. Kill Hamas goons.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.17.18)
Hamas has no qualms whatsoever about letting their rockets hit civilians. In fact, that's their aim.

Israel must attack Hamas gatherings, meetings, etc.

Sinwar should be a target. Haniyeh should be a target. Their homes should be targets, their offices should be targets.

Only by grace did no Israelis get killed in this latest attack. Time for Israel to do more than boast about a 'heavy response.' Turning empty buildings into rubble has no effect on Hamas. Remove their leadership.

As for the Hamas response- the good terrorist/bad terrorist game plan is wearing thin. Kill them all. It's the only way to be sure.
11. rockets etc
joe   (10.17.18)
why not Israel ask UN to have emergency meeting about rockets,ballons, kites , mob and tyres and show all the fires from Gaza
12. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (10.17.18)
Gaza no cost target site practice site to test new stuff. Gaza people just don't get it that they are paying the cost. stupid people. you can't win with stupid people.
13. No evidence of Hamas rockets to justify attacking.
NYNY   (10.17.18)
Israel wants to attack so it fakes Arabs attacking Israel to justify attacking. That how it works today and that is how war in general works.
14. I'm sure the rocket will be found in the rubble.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.17.18)
But seriously, with Israel discovering Hamas tunnels under Israeli territory, the IDF needs no smoking gun of a destroyed apartment to justify kicking the crap out of Hamas targets anytime it feels like it.
15. so what
jo ,   whocares   (10.19.18)
As you can see the Israeli Forces are no longer capable of decisive action against the weakest enemy. This is always the case as this world is akin to a pendulum. This time it is swinging away from Israel for the next few hundred years.........Its time to let the guns fall silent.
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