Court: US student in BDS case allowed to stay in Israel
Reuters, Ynet
Published: 18.10.18, 19:43
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1. Alqasam started as an agitator
MeMe   (10.18.18)
And she will make a career of agitator with the endorsement of the supreme court
2. Eddie
Eddie ,   cape town   (10.18.18)
I thought Israel is in a state of war as declared by all its neighbours.

But this decision implies that the supreme court thinks that the state is INVINCABLE to any attacks so why worry that anyone is against it...after all , all the arabs want is their freedom and the wiill leave the Jews in peace.

Maybe they are not aware of the gravity of the threat
3. More antiSemitic propaganda UK,US, EU ban whoever they like
Arab/Muslim apartheid everywhere, but go for the Jews for banning those supporting terrorism and destruction of Israel..

This is not surprising and another reason why the courts must be elected by the people as is the case with most democracies.

UK bans journalists, Zionists, anti-jihadists, and any activists they oppose. They ban politicians and arrest their own citizens for speaking the truth, Canada and most of Europe is no better.

Anyone attacking Israel here when most other democracies do worse should be ashamed of themselves. Even usa with free speech doesn't include foreigners who incite against the country..
4. Sad Israeli Jews now have to fight bds on Israeli campus...
5. Mr.
lior ,   Jerusalem   (10.18.18)
Once again we allow a person who wants to destroy Israel whose culture prohibits freedom of speech hiding behind it to come in and foment incitement.
She is with BDS and wants to boycott us yet she comes to study? Study what? a fictitious country called Fakestian?
6. another sign that the supreme court is out of control
david ,   new york   (10.18.18)
they are essentially self appointed left wing activists
we need to limit their power and open it up for apolitical centrists to get on the court instead
7. Freedom of speech
Gene   (10.18.18)
I wonder if Supreme Court would allow Goebbels to visit Israel?
8. Idiot leftist Justices who do not deserve to live in Israel.
Rivkah   (10.18.18)
Why doesn't the idiot student boycott Israel by not going to school in Israel? She wants others to boycott Israel but she does not do what she wants others to do. Like all the enemies of Israel, she wants to take what she can from Israel and not give back loyalty. Something I have observed over the 70 years of my life is that an attack on the Jews who are Jews in their hearts brings a lifelong curse on the person who attacks Jews who are Jews in their hearts. Since I have a covenant by sacrifice with haShem which Psalm 50:5 defines as a Saint, I have the right to ask that enemies be blocked from the kingdom of heaven and all of their descendants forever just as King David did. I ask haShem to block this wicked female enemy of Israel from His kingdom and all of her descendants forever. That could have been avoided if the idiot leftist Justices of Israel has blocked her entry into Israel.
9. They're sopp trumphant,but sit cowardly quiet when ICC under
ab   (10.18.18)
-cuts their decision on razing of illegal Bedu slum
Typical cowardly Medieval Ghetto Jews.
10. Depends why she's here
Expert   (10.18.18)
If she just wants to study, then let her. But the fear is she may start interfering with the IDF, as Rachel Corrie did by running into a bulldozer where the driver couldn't see her and she got killed. I think this was the main concern.
11. Israelis, we fixed SCOTUS, why can't you fix SCOI, it's easy
leo ,   usa   (10.18.18)
12. Here you have the proof of absolute powers Left wields in
our public life.
In a matter of ONE WEEK this fifth column whisked her "case" through 3 instances, something that mere mortals have to waste year or more to achieve, only to hand down the obvious "ruling"....
Wake up people, we're living in a dictatorship.
13. as was to be expected!
tiki ,   belgium   (10.18.18)
With a High Court rejecting every democratic decision from the elected government it's impossible to run a country!

Hopefully they will have to reverse their shameful decision when this student will use her 'freedom of speech' to rant against the state.

14. These leftist judges are like TERRORISTS !!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.18.18)
15. Benefitted from the "apartheid" government
Ben ,   NYC   (10.19.18)
She benefitted from a system of a civil rights and due process that she would never enjoy in her beloved "Palestne," had she been an activist against that regime. Now watch her turn around and condemn Israel for being "unjust" and "apartheid."
16. Definition of treason is supporting the enemy In wartime
17. Yes !
anonymous   (10.18.18)
The high court showed its wisdom!

The U.S gives Israel 38 billion a year. It was appalling that Israel attempted to deport her for individual protected speech and political activity or association, in the U.S. and activity before the law in Israel was passed.

The anti-BDS laws here are being challenged in states with wins in Kansas and Arizona.

Free speech is paramount, and she said, she does not support the boycott, now, if she ever did, and her desire to study in Israel shows that.

And to the Minister, in the U.S. free speech is a treasured value, boycotting is an acceptable means of protest and speech.

Criticizing governmental policies is what is done in democracies.

18. If I get refusal to enter USA (despite a valid visa),on the
grounds that I seemed "suspicious" the some border cop at the airport, do I get hearings in court or, get my ass dragged onto next flight to Tel Aviv??!!
WHAT was all that?
How come she ends up in court and not on a plane?
19. banning those that do not like Israel
steve ,   beer sheva   (10.19.18)
So Aryeh Deri wants to ban this woman from entering Israel because she is against the Zionist state.

Would he include in this ban Natorei Karta and most of the Haredim who suck the state dry with their public payments but still demonstrate against the state , its people and even attack its soldiers?
Of course not because he is one of them!

It about time people realise that the Haredim are no less a threat to the Zionist state than BDS.
20. And when she picks up where she left off - inciting
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (10.19.18)
against the state of Israel and advocating for BDS?
Will the 3 Supreme Court morons reverse their ruling?
No chance - she has been given a green light by those whose function is to protect the national state of the Jewish people
21. Israeli government uses its right 2 shoot itself in the foot
Emily ,   Israel   (10.19.18)
This was a weak case to begin with. Erdan should have stood down!
That said, In fact the court bolstered the anti-BDS law with this ruling.
Perhaps now the gate-keepers will actually get themselves versed in the law before committing ridiculous actions which do nothing more than assist Israel's enemies in winning against us!
22. Goal Nefesh
Debbie ,   Nahariya   (10.19.18)
Goal Nefesh
23. international law does not require entry into sovereigns.
C   (10.19.18)
under international law, sovereign states are not required to grant entry
to anyone into the state. this principle of international law is an essential
part of the notion of sovereignty.
the decision of the hcj is purely political in nature. it is not based on accepted
legal principles.
24. If these posts are supposed to show Israel at its best....
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (10.19.18) wonder it is in the sorry state that it is. How sad that a once great nation can get its underwear in a twist about the past actions of one student. Hamas and Hezbollah must be laughing their heads off. Get a grip and start working towards a peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Israel is by far the strongest country in military terms - but with its pathetic paranoid shtetl mentality you wouldn’t think so.
25. So she hates Israel and wants it to disappear
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (10.19.18)
And if anyone ELSE decided they wanted to go to Israel she would destroy their life but her, in her own case she demands to be allowed to go there.

Your Supreme Court is a terrorist entity against the Jewish people.
26. Leftist judges MUST be replaced. They are killing Israel!
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.19.18)
Yet another insane anti-Israel ruling from leftist Supreme Court judges. These destructive morons MUST be replaced. They are slowly killing Israel! The powers of the Supreme Court must also be sharply reined in. It should be completely subservient to the Knesset and have NO law making authority.
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