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Putin: Not Russia's job to decide whether Iran leaves Syria
Associated Press, Ynet
Published: 18.10.18, 23:53
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1. Hmmm
Cameron   (10.19.18)
Well, there it is.

The Russians will press no harder.

Now all hinges on Trump breaking the Persian economy to have any real chance of substantially reducing their presence.
2. it's Israel's job
jore ,   la   (10.19.18)
3. Iran may or may not leave, Russia WILL NEVER leave "Syria".
4. Putin's baloney
steve ,   beer sheva   (10.19.18)
But it seems that it's Russia's job to protect them with S300 missiles and accept their bases and arm's depots near Russian bases, so again protecting them.
Too much baloney from Putin makes him no less an enemy of Israel than the Soviet regime before the Yom Kippur War.

5. Hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Göran ,   Göteborg   (10.19.18)
6. Russia is allied with genocidal Iran
C   (10.19.18)
genocidal iran is an enemy of israel.

genocidal shia iran threatens to destroy the jewish state of israel.

russia has always been an enemy of israel and will always remain
her enemy.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (10.19.18)
Orders are coming to Valdi everyday. Why would he get rid off his own cash cow? He doesn’t care how much average Iranian is suffering as long as his Russia gets rich off of poor Iranians.
8. If not for Russia, Israel would have by now a bigger problem
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (10.19.18)
Russia prevented a complete distruction of Syria. If not for Russia, Israel would have now Iran, Turkey and ISIS at its borders, and the promise of USA that it would supply Israel with weapons.
For USA it may be a great business model to sell weapons, and to attempt to rescue its falling empire, for Israel the future demands some thing complete different.
Surely not more conflict, but less. Therefore a much tighter cooperation with Russia is the only way to stay secure.
As I have written many time before, the West lost the ablility for centuries to come to threaten Russia and its allies militarely. Israel better adopts its policies, for what it has to stop to think in American terms. Very soon US wont have the means and time to be involved in the world the way it was since WW2.
We live in times of paradigm change, for those who didn't get it yet.
9. Iran and Syria
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (10.19.18)
Of course, in the first place, it is up to the Syrian people, who decide about who is in their country, who will have to leave and who decide about their own country. Also the UN has to make that possible. Reality is that the/this UN reaches nothing unfortunately.
10. it's OK; fake Benassi assures us Putin is in Bibi's pocket
Rafi ,   US   (10.20.18)
He also promises that Iran is no real threat to Israel...

What other "authoritative info" about the Mid East does he have the arrogance to spout about from his basement?
11. Special friends ...
Avi L.   (10.21.18)
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