Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
An unreasonable ruling
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 19.10.18, 23:40
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1. Can You say.....
DSM ,   USA   (10.20.18)
activist judges.
2. shmendrick and shmendrikas everywhere
shmendrickas   (10.20.18)
3. If she would be male and heterosexual...
Daniela Weintraub ,   Cali, Colombia   (10.20.18)
... she would have been sent back home by the Supreme Court. But a LGBTQ+ female, feminist leftist leader, they don't dare to send back, even if she clearly falls on the D2 parameters, Ben-Dror Yemini quotes in this lucid, reasonable column.
4. Deport Alqasem Anyway
Reuven Feinstein   (10.20.18)
She's a big supporter of Rasmea Odeh, the terrorist who murdered two Israeli students. The only reason Alqasem is here is to foment trouble. Deport this obnoxious Jew hater, despite the High Court's ruling. And clip the self-assumed powers of the dictatorial High Court.
5. Ynet prints truth shame this wasn't written last week
This does give the government a chance to refine the laws so this does not repeat. Good out of bad.

The supreme court was hijacked in the 1990s by Barak and co. We see that they rule based on political ideology not law not democracy nor justice. They habeas gone way out of their jurisdiction too often and are subverting the democracy in many ways.
Trump need to come to Israel and we need to change the law so that the court judges are more representative of the people and government as is the case with most democracies...
6. Mr.
David Sade ,   Budapest   (10.20.18)
The administration of any country, rightly or wrongly, can deny entry to any citizen of any country without even explaining the reason for it. And, as an example, in the case of the US it is up to the border police agent to decide that in-spite of one having a valid visa still may be denied entry. So, why should anyone object the decision of barring the entry of a person clearly has a history of harming the very state he or she wants not only to visit, but staying there for a number of years, AND enjoying the privilage of studying there? Democracy has its drawbacks, and this decision is one of them...
7. An unreasonable ruling
jacques ,   nsw   (10.20.18)
The problem the high court in Israel is drifting to the left ,if they knew the hatred against Israel in the gola. What are they trying to prove .
8. JBS television in the USA (Jewish station) says she was
Rivkah   (10.20.18)
not allowed to stay in Israel and was forced to leave the country for her BDS activity. What happened??? Is this scumbag staying in Israel or leaving? Send her packing!!!
9. Viewpoints
Arnie ,   Montreal   (10.19.18)
As we all know .... put a question to 5 Jews and you will get 6 views.
10. We have a self-serving, Leftist Junta in black robes running
our country.
Time to send them to pasture.
I can do without a Supreme Court, but cannot do without a government!
11. As long as it CAN be done, our Supreme Court will engage in
subversive, state-hostile activity.
How hard is it to curb its enthusiasm?
We're all hostages to Leftist lunatics running free, so to speak.
12. The Israeli High Court
tiki ,   belgium   (10.20.18)
Isn't apparently there to uphold the law but to protect those who know the loopholes around it!

Bagatz with it's ruling did a great service to the enemies of Israel and the BDS who have been shown the road to acceptance to harm Israel from within!
13. reasonableness is not a legal standard
C   (10.20.18)
it must be said that decisions by the hcj that openly contradict all lower
courts and laws passed by the knesset are prima facie unreasonable.

the jurisdiction and the power of the court cannot be accepted as
the hcj is a third branch of government, not a law unto itself.
14. Total Respect to the High Court
anonymous   (10.20.18)
They 100% did the right thing.

The lower court decisions were unreasonable, and the U.S. should have helped her more.

15. ICC War Crimes threat put the fear of God into the Courts
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.21.18)
16. surprise or NO surprise?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (10.21.18)
what is there to expect from the Israeli supreme court? it is a liberal haven that seeks to protect Arabs and punish Jews, to push stupid liberal Western ideas and put down Jewish laws and values.
17. It's unusual that the HCJ would even agree to hear this case
Shachar ,   Eilat   (10.21.18)
Hundreds of people are rejected entry to Israel daily mainly because they are suspected of wanting to work in Israel. My wife processes them at the airport and some of the rejectees were actually big Israel supporters who were suspicious because they visited Israel frequently!!! The Al-qasem case is clear cut and the court should have never got involved in a plainly political provocation.
18. First time in my life that I agree with Arye Deri....
reader   (10.21.18)
She should not have been let in. Period.
19. When does hate talk become illegal incitement. This girl
Eden   (10.21.18)
Passed that line already. The HCJ’s really lost any respect they had.
20. Replace destructive leftist judges with patriots
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.24.18)
Israel needs to follow Trump's lead and replace all destructive leftist judges with patriots. Not only judges. Israel needs to go through our government department by department, agency by agency and replace them ALL throughout. Leftists dominating our judicial, security, military and academic systems are killing Israel with a thousand cuts.
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