Israel worried US peace plan will include Jerusalem as Palestinian capital
Itamar Eichner
Published: 21.10.18, 08:58
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1. 1967 Borders, 2 States, 1 Country, Palestine Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.21.18)
2. With all due respect to the US& "World": why on earth should
we(Israelis) be worried about any fantasies/notions/delusions the outsiders have about us & our Land of Israel.
"Palestine" is an invention of bloodthirsty Muslims and their Goyish enablers.
So what?
We can decide that Poland returns all of its western territories 'stolen' from Germany after WW2, will it change anything?
Israel will certainly not fall on the sword for this or that US President dreaming of Big Things & his future Library/Legacy.
Sorry Mr. Trump (if that indeed is your secret wish)
3. "Trump wants a deal, and he's very serious"
Cameron   (10.21.18)
Understatement indeed.

The man pursues his objectives relentlessly.
The problem is that jews do not know how to act / behave as independent or as an independent country .
6. who will stab us in the back
C   (10.21.18)
anyone who has power and ambition.

when trump promised jerusalem to israel it was a trick.

peace between israel and the muslims will not be realised for the
next century.
as long as political islam exists, there can be no peace.
7. Now is the time for migration
פטרון   (10.21.18)
With all the anti-Israel-world's love affair with migrations that are happening now, now is the time to help the Arab "palestinians" migrate to their second state in Jordan and Sinai, or better yet, their original homeland of Arabia. It is the best solution and the time is now. Trump can build them all great condos in Jordan!
8. thats the fact
amjad dabas   (10.21.18)
if he is hero enough he will do it.
9. Give Abbas Gaza and Hamas Sinwar and Hanye heads
Avi L.   (10.21.18)
Give Abbas Gaza and Hamas Sinwar and Hanye heads and he will be happy, plus some golf oil money to pay his acolytes
10. A possible American peace plan.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Hoorn   (10.21.18)
"palestine", "palestinians", "palestinian" never existed. Only the English mandate of Palestine, until 1948. Jerusalem as capital of "palestine" is as foolish as New York City is the capital of the Moon. Jerusalem is the true capital of Israel forever and always.
11. US can suggest but it's Israel that negotiates not US.
Sam ,   Montreal   (10.21.18)
Israel won't negotiate scenarios that are not acceptable to it. So, no one should get excited by what the US proposes. Before proposing the US should consider
if there is any chance of both sides accepting. Odds are the best the US can get is a truce.
12. I repeat(No2): this isn’t about “gratitude” for thing this
President gave us, because in actuality he did not “give” us ANYTHING.
He simply honestly acknowledged facts, thus saved his and his county’s face.
Not recognizing Jerusalem as our Capital is toe cringing and embarrassing.
Good for him!
But under no circumstance should ANY COUNTRY jeopardize its future based on someone else’s “Vision”!
Not in This parts of the woods, that’s for sure.
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