Jordan to nix parts of peace treaty with Israel, reclaim territories
Daniel Salami, Itamar Eichner
Published: 21.10.18, 14:35
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1. mr
jorge ,   buenos aires   (10.21.18)
Never forgett that the illegal occupation of Transjordania of the west bank was the origin of the actuall conflict. No crazy palestinian claims of territories would ever be invented if tranjordania avoid to occupy those jewish lands. By the way, 1967 resolutions had to apply to this illegal issue and the UN had to recognize the israel soveragnity of the west bank instead of pretend that those are disputed ones. The corruption of an hipocracy world intends to grants pals with these jewish occupied territories, despite the palestinian chart of 1964 rejection of the west bank, was the trigger of the war.
2. Large parts of Jordan Jewish private ownership time to claim
3. Jordan illegally created against San remote mandate for pale
4. surprise, really? the king of the pals..
6. So near....and yet Tzofar .....
7. Prof.
Sarov Batia   (10.21.18)
In this case:
1. will Israel cut water and energie supply agreements with Jordan?
2. Will Israel claim back sovereignty over the Temple Mount from Jordanian monarch?
3. Will Israel continue to enable Jordan to import and export goods via Haifa Port?
4. Will Israel disconnect civilian air traffic and tourism agreements with Jordan?
8. Prime Minister Rabin signed a stupid treaty.
Jake ,   Petach Tikva   (10.21.18)
Prime Minister Rabin signed a stupid treaty. He recognized areas within Israel as belonging to Jordan?

This endangers the state.
9. It is a reminder that agreements with Arabs are not worth
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.21.18)
a toilet paper
10. Naharayim is not in Arava
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.21.18)
Arava is the depression from South of Dead Sea to Eilat.

Naharayim is much farther north in the Jordan valley south lake
11. Land Theft by Fake White Hebrews from Europe is over
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.21.18)
Tide has turned against the invading racist "Jewish State", ICC, UN, Jordan, Russia, Iran, World is sick of murderous Fake White Hebrews from Europe stealing Arab lands.
12. Cut off the water, cut off the Gas
Jake ,   Dallas   (10.21.18)
Then cut off Haifa port to them
Make them understand anger goes two ways
13. BORN IN SIN !!!
FO ,   Belgium   (10.21.18)
Don't expect Netanyahu having the guts to tell that "Jordan" was born in sin on 77% of the territory intended to become the Jewish independent state. That the League of Nations accepted in Article 25 of the Mandate for Palestine that, and I quote: "In the territories lying between the Jordan and the eastern boundary of Palestine as ultimately determined, the Mandatory shall be entitled, with the consent of the Council of the League of Nations, to postpone or withhold application of such provisions of this mandate as he may consider inapplicable to the existing local conditions..." Unquote. The League of Nations NEVER gave its consent to Britain to create, on 77% of Jewish soil a so-called country called "Jordan". Not only has so-called "Jordan" no right in nixing Israel's sovereignty from some territories, but Israel, in accordance with International Law (the Mandate for Palestine, Article 80 of the UN Charter) could claim territory East of the Jordan River! First thing to do, to calm down so-called “Jordan”, is to threaten to cancel the fly-over of Israeli territory by "Royal Jordanian" planes as it happens actually!
14. Naharayim like 100,000 sq km in Arab lands is Jewish owned
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.21.18)
SHOVE YOUR PIECE PLAN TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16. Moral: Retake ALL our lands. Zero faith in peace treaties
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.22.18)
Throughout history, peace treaties have often lead to war. Israel's peace are particularly lunatic because we won all the wars. Yet we make concessions to our defeated foes simply for the sake of having a worthless piece of paper. The only value of peace treaties would be to relieve a toilet paper shortage. Retake ALL our lands. Put zero faith in peace treaties.
17. Irony of Israel
Joe   (10.23.18)
Israeli think they can build a country by cherry picking. They want Jordan to extend a lease of some farms while at same time they take lands from Palestenians by their ever expanding illegal settlments which is condemned by US, EU , UN and rest of world. You can not ask somebody a favor if you treat him bad.. its very simple logic. Israeli think they can build a country by making enemies of hundreds of millions of arabs around them and keep building walls to separate themselves. in 100 year of so it would be funny seeing what Israeli would be doing surrounded by a billion arab who they made from enemies. You can not take people homes and land than ask them to give you happily some more even for a rent hehe..
18. Abbas is the Messiah - the Prophet - whose second coming was
Ahmed Khan   (10.24.18)
foretold in the bible. He will lead Palestine to freedom.
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