Mossad director warns of Iran's expansionist aspirations
Published: 23.10.18, 09:49
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1. Now Russia is giving Iran air umbrella in Syria+Lebanon Why?
Alan ,   SA   (10.23.18)
2. Tip of the Iranian iceberg
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.23.18)
The so called Shia Crescent has MUCH WIDER strategic implications than Iran-Israel

Look at any map of a Shia Crescent and the country most vulnerable to the danger of encirclement is Turkey, as are to greater or lesser degree Cyprus, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Yemen and Gaza

And lets not forget the insiduous and duplicitous Iranian interference in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan

There is no doubt that Irans Shiaist Regime is emerging as the 21st centuries most dangerous, evil, menacing and threatening regime on earth with their fanatical Nazi-Fascist ideology bent on regional domination, racial Shiast purity and supremacy and the glorification of war, death and brutality
MO SAD ,   SAFED CYNIC HOUSE   (10.23.18)
4. Iran and Obama
LR ,   Afula   (10.23.18)
A glaring example of only part of the disastrous Obama legacy of capitulation. History will judge him like Chamberlin.
5. The goal of israel should be to force an overture or change
Tehraniporou   (10.23.18)
in the regime in Tehran. Saying that iran should be pushed out of the middle east is absurd. Iran is in the middle east. Leaving the issue of the regime, the shah paid the amal in Lebanon, the fanatics mullahs turned it into Hezbollah to deter Israel. if only there would be a peace between iran the US and Israel, then iran could use its leverage to force a certain price of oil to make up for 40years of sanctions. No country is ready to indemnify the Iranian people for 40yrs of sanctions. The regime looted iran but the western world cannot show itself as angels. Send an accommodating Shaked in black stockings and the sky would only be the limit
6. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (10.23.18)
Iran leaders pushing interference is leading to informal declaration of war. will give Israel right to attack targets in Iran. great revolt in Iran possible but no regime change. possible missile attacks by Iran on Israel. Trump lame administration not helpful.
7. Yet Trump is obsessed with the so called Palestinians
C   (10.23.18)
trump's policies are nearly the same as the policies of all previous
american presidents.
if trump would only understand that the arab palestinians are a minor
irritant compared to all of the other problems of the region, we might
the arab palestinians are used only as pawns in the political games of
the powers of the region.
8. Shia terrorists consider themselves as the superior to all
C   (10.23.18)
it is impossible to have any rational treaties with shia iran.
shia iran is one form of political islam.
shia islam has set for itself the goal to export the shia revolution
and to conquer all lands in the middle east.
9. Ask my 90 years old mom: she'll tell you the same &she ain't
"Mossad" :-)
(Her grand kids know it too)
10. Said who occupied half of hos neighbors country
mana   (10.23.18)
tells the person whoes most of land is based on forcing out palestinian, someone can he remind him how they terrified palestinians and still killing Gaza children and civilians like it’s not a big deal have the right deciding for the rest of world to take a side agianst a nation with which has over 2500 years of civilization.
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