'If US doesn't present peace plan after midterms, France will'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.10.18, 10:46
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1. I must laugh
C   (10.24.18)
there will never be peace between jews and muslims until political islam
rules much of the middle east.
macron can do nothing about this and he should stop embarrassing
himself. maybe he wants a new final solution.
except this time we are armed to the teeth.
2. Work with Trump or the French will come for you
Cameron   (10.24.18)
3. this is all about ego
zionist forever   (10.24.18)
For some reason the idea of being a mediator in this conflict is considered to be prestigious and so everybody wants to have a role to play.
Everybody knows that Israel will not deal with anybody but the US so others are taking more of a backseat role for now but we can be sure they all have their own plans to present given the opportunity.

The ridiculous thing about all these plans is there is to much choice, Israel says it will only go with the US, Abbas says he will only go with the Saudis or something he dreamed up himself and now the French want to offer something else.
If there is to much choice both side will choose the plan they like most and say its this one or no negotiations and so in the end nothing happens, time for everybody to accept the US is the senior player in this conflict and so leave it to Trump and keep egos out of it.
4. we must decide:Either support Je Nazism or be called Anti-
Andre Azuly ,   Paris   (10.24.18)
Semite! Well, In this case I am anti-Semite and proud about it, although am Jewish
5. France coming up with it's own 'peace plan.
tiki ,   belgium   (10.24.18)
Our concerned friend in the Elysee, Manuel Macron, the battered President of France, the man who hasn't done a thing for France except putting out fires & scandals in his own government is threatening to come with his own peace plan.......not for the Muslim Banlieues in his own country, not for Syria, Yemen and other places where millions of people died, were wounded or have become, this insignificant President is bringing us another peace plan for the Palestinian problems with their Jewish neighbor.

Good luck! He isn't the first and won't be the last trying to avert his own failure on the Jews!
6. So whats this 'Paris Plan' to be?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.24.18)
Something groundbreaking or just the same old ideas rehashed?

Assuming the aim is a Palestinian State alongside Israel within mutually secure borders..

Is the solution
1.A Palestinian State in two entitities connected via a motorway through another sovereign country Israel?
2.Two separate independent Palestinian Statelets - Palestine 1 in Gaza and Palestine 2 in West Bank?
3.Palestine in West Bank federated with Jordan and Gaza federated with Egypt?
4.ONE viable sovereign unified and contiguous Palestinian State alongside Israel based on the Palestinian 1999 PEG Plan?

7. Did the Froggie read this headline himself first (and didn't
keel over from convulsive laughter)???!!!
One of the funniest headlines in a long time!
Merci beaucoup mon "amis"....
8. Stick the baguette to Macron where the sun never shines
and move on.
9. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (10.24.18)
Macron can't fix his own country problems but will solve ME problems. same with Trump. Macron should 'grow up' and learn how to manage France.
11. France - if Israel doesn't accept plan it recognizes Pals
Sam ,   Montreal   (10.24.18)
France has said in the past that if Israel can't reach agreement with the Palestinians it will recognize a Palestinian state. So. the French plan is a one-sided fraud to begin with. The cowardly French are anxious to recognize a pretend Palestinian state. That's all this is about. Israel should tell the French to jump in the lake.
12. France most antijew country in w.Europe New Nazi supporters
Attack daily against Jews, Jews have been ethnically classed from areas they lived in for generations, antisemitic TV shows on a continuous basis.

Voting against Jewish history, private legal rights and international law.
Funding Palestinian terrorists and Nazi education.
Funding orgs in Israel protecting terrorists, supporting terrorists, and calls for the destruction of the Jewish state.
They sign agreements with Israel which are broken daily.
They steal public nd private Jewish/Israeli land and build on it illegally.

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