IAI wins $777 million India contract for missile defense
Published: 24.10.18, 12:02
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1. exxcellent news
C   (10.24.18)
2. India good business partner. Friend or ally? Not
Steven Gilbert   (10.24.18)
Yes, it's nice to sell big ticket items. Hopefully they won't share the technology with Israel's enemies but in the real world everything is for sale.

Is India a friend? Answer: They vote with Israel's enemies in the UN.
3. Ironic this amount has masonic gravitas.
NYNY   (10.24.18)
4. India
Kaja   (10.24.18)
India is a large country and has its own diplomatic issues. Voting against Israel in UN doesn't mean that they are enemy. They don't have to agree with everything we do. It is a part of the process in democracy. They are rising power and surely going to dominate the coming century. Good point is that India is not a anti-Semitic country .
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