Netanyahu: Former Likud minister seeks to overthrow me
Moran Azulay
Published: 24.10.18, 21:36
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1. For Pete’s sake people: it’s POLITICS, stop fainting&rolling
eyes !
In the Old Days they’d throw a dagger into opponent’s heart& call it a day’s work...;-))
2. No wonder nobody has any time for Gaza/Jordan/balloons&such
3. surprise, surprise
steve ,   beer sheva   (10.25.18)
Sa'ar has always looked like a pompous puffed up opportunist. It really is no surprise if he is intriguing from the side. Netanyahu is Likud's biggest asset. He still stands head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. But not because he is so good but the others are such rubbish.
4. Gershon Luria: adding to your ancient history knowledge...
Prime Minister Netanyahu caused a new terrorist wave when:
1. in September 1997 Netanyahu released Hamas Arch-Terrorist Ahmad Yassin
2. in October 2011 Netanyahu released the highest number of terrorist for a single soldier...and yes it caused another wave of terrorism!
So please Gershon Luria...if you are going to share least have the cojones to do so accurately!
5. Banana Republic Dictators had more cojones than Netanyahu!
Either Netanyahu should man up or or retire.
Of course this is just Netanyahu doing what he does best...playing the injured that his minions will identify with him and bolster him up some more!
6. Bibi needs a long, long rest
Disillusioned   (10.25.18)
The paranoia of a power-crazed dictator is getting worse and worse. Time to put him out to grass, or even a secure ward. The mere thought of losing his seat brings on a mental crisis.
7. ima, ima, the bad boys are after me!kindergarten.
8. vote for bibi or not, not bibi and sara
martin   (10.25.18)
i don't know saar, he sounds tougher than bibi. regardless, people will vote for bibi or saar if the throws his hat into the ring. Bennett is vastly stronger than bibi, knows security much better and would easily exceed bibi. the shtetl israelis still prefer peace grubbers. livni and gabbay-pathetic.

we are not voting for sara netanyahu today, tomorrow or ever. bibi runs, shut up about Sara, we don't want to hear from her. you live with her and worship her--fine. we don't and we won't. so don't bring her into the campaign. the public is sick of you mentioning her all the time.

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