Netanyahu pays secret visit to Oman
Associated Press
Published: 26.10.18, 18:29
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1. No Arab leader can sidestep us and remains alive, too early
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (10.26.18)
euphoria in the Zionist camp
2. i wish more Arabs would follow Oman's lead.
3. That’s an interesting ews given sultan qaboos ties to both
Tehraniporou   (10.27.18)
Iran but also the other regional states... will there ever be talks of a multilateral political architecture in the me in parallel to the eu. The Barcelona process was a good first step...
4. Netanyahu as Trump errand boy!
5. It sounds like the correct move, bravo Bibi.
Michael ,   Caliornia, USA   (10.27.18)
An important visit to Oman. Any direct contact between Israel and an Arab/Islamic country is a positive move toward peace. Netanyahu is screwing up at home but is making up nicely for it with foreign connections. That's better than nothing and I applaud Netanyahu.
6. Nutsyyyyyahuuu came without Israel’s most powerful
Tehraniporou   (10.28.18)
Diplomatic tool. He should have come with shaked in a short black leather dress, her black stockings, her silky underwear in order to promote ties and show Israeli girls hospitality and playfulness.
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