Barrage of rockets launched at Gaza border communities
Yoav Zitun and Matan Tzuri
Published: 26.10.18, 22:22
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1. No evidence but be scared to excuse killing Arabs.
NYNY   (10.26.18)
And of course Iron Dome won't be activated because there is no Iron Dome. Maybe you should activate the "Cone of Silence" before the Arabs find out it is the same as USA Star Wars.
2. so much for Haas deal. Time to bomb them out of existence.
3. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (10.27.18)
perhaps it is about time Israel people build rockets and fire them indiscriminately into Gaza. fight fire with fire. might work.
Jewish ethics might dictate that a guidance system on rockets would target Hamas only.
4. Lightning
riceman ,   toronto   (10.27.18)
Must have been a major lightning storm in the area???
5. rocket barrage has become the weekly norm
Cameron   (10.27.18)
I suppose it will take these rockets actually hitting some choice target with casualties before Israelis finally muster up & roll into Gaza for the hard and necessary work.

Bad shit.
6. Hamas must have millions of training depots,weapons stores
Alan ,   SA   (10.27.18)
and arms factories because every week Israel bombs these facilities but the rockets continue OR are IDF telling us stories
7. Hamas terrorists will never agree to a ceasefire
C   (10.27.18)
their patrons are in iran.
Robert ,   Israel   (10.27.18)
Mr. Netanyahu, I used to trust you but I am now totally disappointed with your actions.You used to be the hawk, the eagle; Israelis protector. Now, you only speak with empty words that make Hamas lough and get stronger everyday that goes by. . Only menaces, no forceful actions. You used to surprise and defeat our enemies. Now you are afraid to do so. Your talk became meaningless for us Israelis and for our enemies too . It seems that your seat as PM became very warm and confortable. That seat has to be occupied by someone with guts. Please, start being a PM again, protect our people, or leave your seat to someone else who can return Israel to its glorious days and make our enemies shit in their pants.
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