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Trump faces complaints that new Iran sanctions are too weak
Associated Press
Published: 27.10.18, 22:57
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1. Wonder what sanctions Trump plans for Saudi Arabia for the
Ken   (10.27.18)
Khashoggi killing not to mention the Yemen war crimes
2. crippling snctions needed
zionist forever   (10.28.18)
With the Europeans looking for get out clauses that will make it possible to bypass sanctions Iran can hold out the Trump presidency and will be m hope the next president will be more like Obama.
What Trump needs is crippling sanctions which will also close loopholes.

When things get bad enough in Iran either the regime will have to back down for their own political survival or there will be a revolution caa tell the new regime you play by our rules we will help Iran in anyway we can but if you are against us the sanctions will contnue.
Obama could have stopped the Iranian nuclear program through a carrot and stick approach instead of a sell out diplomatic one.
3. 1
zionist forever   (10.28.18)
His Saudi sanctions will be to charge them $110 billion for weapons.
4. expulsion from SWIFT is essential for Iran sanctions regime
C   (10.28.18)
the trump administration should ignore the weak kneed europeans and
impose the toughest possible sanctions on iran.
iran is a prime terror state that proves through its actions on a regular
basis that it is irrational and unwilling to change its behaviour.
5. Jews must slaughter all Christo Nazis in America
Steve Benassi ,   Bloomington, Indiana   (10.28.18)
6. All of this financial war will harm us leverage
Tehraniporou   (10.28.18)
Since the us acts unilaterally as the party setting global standards. This is utterly unacceptable to Russians Chinese and even the Europeans. It will only lead to the creation of the spv in order to process payments. The sanctions are a silver bullet they were shot and led to the deal. With the unilateral withdrawal you will see lots of countermeasures to the us pressure.
7. Sanctions to the present, entire "islam" world caliphate.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Hoorn   (10.28.18)
Let us not only use sanctions against Iran, but also to the rest of the so-called "islam" world/dictatorship, no matter what country (more than 70 countries and almost 2 billion), until they end that fake religion and bad, apartheid ideology, called "islam", being a threat and danger to our present, entire humankind, more than 7 billion people, on our planet. VIVA THE FREE AND DEMOCRATIC WORLD/HUMANKIND!
8. Israel's Orange Puppet, falsely blames Shia Iran, not Saudi
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.28.18)
... Sunnis and Gulf Sunnis, for anti-Zionist global terror.
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