WATCH: Islamic Jihad fires rockets at Israel over weekend
Ynet reporters
Published: 28.10.18, 13:10
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1. what happened to "iron dome" success rate????
tomer ,   jerusalem   (10.28.18)
iron dome seems to struggle with incoming missiles? what happened?
success rate considerable lower. Missiles fall in inbabitant areas????
2. Shut up ,loser,you talk and talk only,Bibi Hamas appeaser
ab   (10.28.18)
Robert ,   Israel   (10.28.18)
C'mon, Mr Netanyahu, I have been hearing the same words from you for the last seven months. It is time to wake up and act. Don't you see that Palestinians are mocking and laughing at you (and at all of Israel, too)?
4. Iran-Syria does not control Gaza, Israel does, stop smearing
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.28.18)
... others for your own bad behavior.
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