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Police: Synagogue gunman said he wanted all Jews to die
Associated Press
Published: 28.10.18, 16:17
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1. Oh, he acted alone. AGAIN!
Brad ,   USA   (10.28.18)
And just who are these "people" he said are "his people"? Why didn't the media report on the answer to that obvious question? Until the holes in this story are filled, this story stinks. If the story disappears, except for gun control nonsense of course, we will have our answers. Until then, it smells like "his people" are Islamists, the media is covering for him, and law enforcement will be looking for his "motive" until doomsday.
2. Every nutter can buy guns in the US.
steve ,   beer sheva   (10.28.18)
In the US every crazy man can buy weapons. The Gun Lobby are to blame for
every action like this. The NRA are the real evil element in this story. Profits above everything else!.
3. NBC fired ex-Fox Megyn Kelly, Synagogue shooting next day
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.28.18)
18 matches for "NBC" on this wiki entry...

4. No lack of crackpots but crackpot with weapons is dangerous
Sam ,   Montreal   (10.28.18)
Maybe psychologists can come up with standardized test to flush out crackpots
and deny them weapons.
5. My deepest and most sincere condolences to the
Tehraniporou   (10.28.18)
Family of the victims. The Jewish people are eternal and will live on forever. It is time to recognise that the supremacists and extremists should never receive apologetics from anyone l. Bannon in the gov was not the right signal
6. Baruch Dayan haEmet
Aharon ,   Tel Aviv   (10.28.18)
May Hashem comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Mr Cohen is wrong. Where is the hate speech? From him, maybe? The US Supreme Court has ruled that hate speech is constitutional. Speech does not kill. Weapons do not kill. Evil people kill. Mr Cohen, point your fingers, if you must, at the right person: the shooter. If you want a larger group for your big finger, try the leaders of the shuls who failed to hire a kabat and have appropriate security. You have no right to USE a tragedy for political purposes.
7. Jews of the world, stand up straight & hold on to your pride
C   (10.28.18)
for thousands of years we have been persecuted, murdered, raped and
yet not even the shoa did completely destroy us.
our numerous enemies among the nations of the world have largely
disappeared, their empires turned to dust.
today, our ancient land has been liberated at a huge cost.
members of the yishuv and the newly arrived holocaust survivors
fought tooth and nail to liberate the land and declare the modern
jewish state of israel.
those soldiers knew what they were fighting for. they knew that
they were fighting for the jewish state and for the survival of
the jewish people.
today is not the day to despair, today is not the day to let dark
waves of numbness wash over us, our faces.
today is the day when we must unite and declare our eternal
pride in zion and the laws of moses that we, a tiny nation,
have bequeathed to the nations of the world.
we must declare from this place and this time to eternity
that we shall survive and we shall protect our precious children.
never again will foreign nations take our innocent, precious
children to throw them into the flames of hell.
jews of the world, stand up and be proud.
arm yourselves and protect yourselves.
without arms, you are nothing.
the most holy one demands that we protect ourselves.
the fighters of the warsaw ghetto realised at the end
that they had the choice to die fighting on their feet,
or die as slaves of the nazi beast.
today, we have a choice and we must make that choice.
prayers for the peace of jerusalem.
prayers for the peace of the world.
8. Another psychopat; should have killed the mohel
Ex Oleh chadash   (10.30.18)
of this synagogue only. I have heard that the mohel of this synagogue is not a good one.
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