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In first, national anthem played at Abu Dhabi after Israeli judoka nabs gold
Oren Aharoni
Published: 28.10.18, 20:12
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1. American Pressure on Muslim world to accept invading Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.29.18)
No Love of Israel in the UAE Public.
2. half victory no victory
International sports should not host events unless flags are rised properly and all nations are acknowledged.
3. great.. some progress! And mazal tov to Muki & Israel team!
Rafi ,   US   (10.28.18)
4. Ttunnel threat/ incediary balloons under-reported in US
md halevy ,   california/eilat   (10.28.18)
When they raise Dekel Medinat Yisrael the Flag of Israel, Miri, you better bring a bucket!! I cried too!!!! Toda Raba Muki - ' Oseh Shalom Bmiromav Who oseh shalom Aleinu' - He who makes peace in His heaven will ,make peace on us...
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