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Survivor of synagogue massacre recounts moments of terror
Associated Press
Published: 29.10.18, 09:23
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1. Bend the Arc ultra progressive PAC set up by Alexander Soros
C   (10.29.18)
bend the arc is an ultra progressive pac set up by alexander soros,
son of george soros.
their major goal is to win seats in the upcoming midterm elections.

however, their goals are much more consequential.
twelve leaders of this group have sent a letter to president trump
telling him to stay away from pitssburgh and the synagogue
where eleven jews were murdered.
what right do this big nobodies have to tell the president where
he can and cannot go.
these people are not even jewish. regardless, they cannot give
orders to the president of the united states.
these people form part of the resistance movement, largely
financed by soros and other ultra progressive billionaires.
soros has huge numbers of pacs and think tanks which he uses
to undermine sovereign states.
2. A doctor ran to the scene to help and was killed. No greater
Rivkah   (10.29.18)
love has any man than this, to lay down his life for his friends. Why on Earth didn't the police shoot to kill the shooter instead of wounding him? What is the idiotic purpose of letting such an evil monster live? Why haven't the hospital workers injected him intramuscularly with potassium chloride to kill him? Two wrongs don't make a right? Give me a break. Kill him. Spare the taxpayers the cost of a trial and incarceration. Execute him. Show him as much mercy as he showed others.
3. The police must be Jew haters, too, to let the killer live.
If it had been a policeman who was killed instead of just wounded, they would have killed the shooter.
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