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Trump visits amid divide: 'It's sacred what happened here'
Associated Press
Published: 30.10.18, 11:37
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1. Blaming the president.
tiki ,   belgium   (10.30.18)
All those blaming him for this horrible massacre are out of their mind!

The enemies of the Jews have been living amidst them (or the other way around) for decades but Jews have been to blind to notice!

Stop this stupid behavior.....Trump is good for Jews, meaning YOU!
2. He has done nothing but embolden murderers
DOV ,   USA   (10.30.18)
3. Idiot Jewish liberals insult friends while boot licking foes
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.30.18)
Trump is the best friend Israel and Jews have ever had in the White House. Yet, it is not surprising that Jewish liberals insult him. These idiots do nothing but insult our friends while boot licking our foes. Sane Jews need to make it well known we appreciate Trump's friendship, and that we strongly support him.
4. Jews should know US is Christian first and foremost
Mark Robertson ,   Austin, Texas   (10.30.18)
Jews: take your liberal filth and leave....Now, or else
5. Would you want him coming to your funeral?
Ken   (10.30.18)
6. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (10.30.18)
no Mr President. it is not sacred. it is a tragedy. and it will happen to another group of innocent people in another part of America, soon. and your lies encourage the sickos to commit acts of violence in your name. Americans are paying a high price for your political ambition. Trump will not make America great again. the American people will.
7. Democrats are shameful
Arturo   (10.30.18)
If Trump didn't arrive, they would have railed against him, just as they are doing, because he did arrive.
8. It is amazing
Jon   (10.30.18)
How Jews can fool themselves. I am sure Hitler got Jews support in the beginning. Why antisemite incidents went up by 60 percentage the last two years(ADL statistics), since Trumf took office????
9. American Jews might should consider...
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (10.31.18)
Revelation 18:4
10. And this,,.
Julius ,   Baltimore, Md   (10.31.18)
racist German cracker is the Cyrus savior of the Semites. Jews are just as twisted, more racist and anti-Semitic than the planet's world population,,, just ask Israel's chief Rabbi.
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