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Trumps pay tribute at synagogue where 11 were fatally shot
Associated Press
Published: 31.10.18, 08:49
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1. If Pres waited a few days they would say he is heartless
Alan ,   SA   (10.31.18)
Because he went to Pennsylvania yesterday they said he was not sensitive.
Americans are truly brainwashed by their media. . Pes Trump cant win whatever he does.. All I know is that he is the best President for Jews and Isradel in history
If he discovered a cure for Cancer,the Media would write that he is interfering with nature
2. disgusting, disgusting, disgusting
tiki ,   belgium   (10.31.18)
These 'moral' protesters and their organizers know no shame!
How dare they!

3. Thank you, Trump family and President for going to comfort
Rivkah   (10.31.18)
the families. No greater love has any man than this, to lay down his life for his friends. Thank you to the doctor who ran back to help and was killed, especially. Coming for the memorial service to him in particularly was so right for President Trump and his family.
4. היהודים בפנסילבניה
Ella ,   paris   (10.31.18)
בושה וחרפה ליהודים האלה ממש גועל נפש הנשא שלהם מגיעה והם נגדו אילו אובמה היה בא היו מלקקים לו את התחת היהודים האלה הם אנטישמים יותר גרועים מהגועים ממש בוגדים במקום לתת כבוד לנשא שלהם ולקורבנות הם רק מקנטרים לו היה נדיא באמאריקה שעשה ותומך ביהודים כמו טראמף ויהודי שלו תומך בו ממש בוגד
5. i am shocked at the American people
Devoiry ,   jerusalem   (10.31.18)
This is your president. stop mixing up feelings with politics. I think your behaviour is disgustin. some respect to your president. i'm appalled!
6. The Great Divide
anonymous   (10.31.18)
I find it troubling and heartbreaking, but the feelings and needs of American Jews and Israeli Jews vastly differ.

President Trump has focused too much on PM Netanyahu's desires and wants, and Israel's desires and wants, while neglecting the American Jews that he represents.

He is the President of the U.S., we are a different democracy, than Israel.

The protests were upsetting, he should have stayed away, as requested. It was disrespectful to American Jews who lost loved ones and made requests for their community.

The polls may reflect this and they should.

President Trump is not the President of Israel, and P.M. Netanyahu does not speak for Jews in the diaspora.

7. Pres should have waited for permission from Democrats before
Alan ,   SA   (10.31.18)
he went . They control media and morals of USA. They are the go to organisation for asking permission of what is OK and what is not OK.GThey would tell him what was acceptable and what was not acceptable. For my part ,I want to thank President Trump and his Jewish children Ivanka and Jared
8. Rentner
Wilhelm ,   Berlin   (10.31.18)
Talk about the most disgusting FAKE condolences by Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the Pennsylvania Synagogue!

Not a surprise that hundreds of protesters gathered on the street chanting slogans against the president.

Donald and wife shows the height of lack of respect by showing up at the Pennsylvania synagogue dressed disrespectful.
How come that his Donalds daughter showed respect and he didn't care to cover his head with a kippah?
9. American Jews need to understand
C   (10.31.18)
their lives would be much harder were it not for the existence of the
sovereign jewish state of israel, its jewish army, and its jewish
intelligence services.
it is the jewish army with its jewish weapons that keep israel safe.
10. Very considerate of Pres to visit Penn in midst of campaign
Alan ,   SA   (10.31.18)
11. Did u notice the star of david
Is a cross from the back. Looks like a christian grave. Wonder if it was intentional
12. The Emporer's New Clothes... the problem is the truth....
NYNY   (10.31.18)
because as the little boy there does not seem to be any dead people, no autopsies, no debris field, no detritus, no nothing but show off as said colloquially said in Israel. Crying woman is proof of nothing.
13. Trump pays tribute and,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, Md   (11.01.18)
the chief rabbi of Israel alludes to these Jews as not Jews and the synagogue is not a synagogue. Hey yougo figure,,, I tried.
14. Al tihye freye, for zero evidence of a broken nail.
NYNY   (11.02.18)
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