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Secret no more: Israel's outreach to Gulf Arab states
Associated Press
Published: 01.11.18, 08:10
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1. Impeach Bibi for box cigars and bottles of Bubbly.That's it.
Alan ,   SA   (11.01.18)
And lock Sarale up for take out meals.
2. Arabs can never be trusted
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.01.18)
They need Israel now because of Iran threat but once this is taken care of they will again be hostile.

In the long run and after regime change Iran is a natural ally of Israel against Arabs.
3. When it comes to basic issue, Arabs have no leverage on Pals
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (11.01.18)
4. It seems that Israelis are equally obsessed with Iranians
Tehraniporou   (11.01.18)
1. Stop sending Regev, I can’t stand her and she is hideous.
2. Send shaked with a silk scarf and nothing but her lingerie and black stockings and her cigarettes ahead of a meeting with the foreign ministry of iran in Oman. She could make strong demands and will be listened to.
3. Nutsyahuu can visit the island of kish with the iaea to see if no missiles are on the (bi) beaches there.
5. the relationships with these countries...
Israel-Oman relations began under PM Rabin in 1994 and were expanded in 2008 by Zippi Livne.
Netanyahu is a faker riding on the coattails of greater leaders.

Israel-United Arab Emirates relations also go back quite a ways to PM Sharon and Olmert.
once again Netanyahu and Regev are fakers riding on the coattails of greater leaders.

6. Israel"s outreach
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (11.01.18)
Israel is willing to have international diplomatic relations with any democratic, peacefull, tollerant, human, reasonable, civilized, cultured and decent country/people, worldwide, at my opinion.
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